Dr. Vance’s Learned Economic Analysis of a BookBub Promotion (*My BookBub starts tomorrow!)

So, having just gotten my first BookBub title accepted for a promo, I decided I’d watch someone else’s and see what happened.  LC Chase is the author, and her book “Pickup Men” was the title.  Here’s the TL;DR:

LCCSo what’s it all mean, doctor? Well, the first # was the rank and sales the book had when the BookBub mail came out and the price dropped to .99.  Rank is the overall Amazon store ranking – 1900 is pretty damn good, to be honest.  Then it rocketed up to around #200 over two day’s time, moving down gradually over the promo.  I also wanted to see how many people reviewed the book.  She went from 22 to 25 over the course of the promo – a pretty good addition for a book that’s a year old.  The “Gay rank” is where it ranked on gay fiction and romance lists.

The 28 May rank is a lot lower, because the price went back up to $5.99.  Now, this is pretty high for a 166 page story.  But if you can get people to pay it, more power to you.  I know that gayrom writers with a large following can charge this much for a <200 page story, but I can’t.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to that rank over the coming days – her 1760 rank today is pretty much where she started before the promo.

The other thing I REALLY wanted to know was, what does it do for your other, non-discounted titles?  So I also tracked her other Western, “Long Tall Drink.”


This one started at 120,000, and is now at 27,000.  NovelRank equates that to 11 sales, but NR is not that accurate (it thinks “Apollo’s Curse” sold 16 copies on the US site, when in fact it’s sold about 55).  So she got a bit of a boost on that one.

Her other title, however, a non-Western, didn’t go anywhere, sales-wise.  So I’m not sure what’ll happen to me, given how scattershot my books are – i.e., the way I shoot myself in the foot by giving readers something different every time :).

Well, the next few days will be interesting.  On another note, making “Colum’s Viking Captivity” a freebie has made it very popular…but that popularity hasn’t translated into any sales of Colum II or III.  I guess in a cosmic marketing sense, it “raises my profile,” which is good, right?  But when the rent is due in three days, one’s mind tends to focus on the bottom line…

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