BookBub FAIL at, but you can get it at other retailers…

GTCTwoUPDATE: BookBub has moved my listing to May 31st! YAY FOR BOOKBUB!

My apologies. I have a BookBub starting this a.m. for “Given The Circumstances” and Amazon has NOT changed the price to $0.99, and is not cooperating on fixing this issue in a timely manner.   I changed it yesterday afternoon, and woke up to find it’s still sitting in someone’s queue – I wrote with an urgent request, and got a boilerplate email copy/pasted out of the Big Binder of Generic Responses, that only offered to put it back in draft status so that I can start all over and re-request a .99 price.  So, I’m screwed.  40,000 people are about to get an email directing most of them to Amazon, who not only didn’t process the one urgent change I’ve ever needed, but isn’t doing jack to help me fix this.

You CAN get it at Smashwords, iStore,, or Google Play for the advertised price for the next two days!

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