This time, for sure! BookBub is ON today! “Given the Circumstances” @ .99 for a few more days…

And here are all the links for your buying pleasure!  YES, even Amazon!

Here’s today’s “starting gate” numbers for those of you who are into these things. The book definitely had a jolt over the last two days just from being priced at .99 – We Shall See what the BookBub mail does to goose this some more…



Google Play may be a FAIL today…  My original promo was set up for 29th-31st, but this A.M. I discovered Google Math means a 5/31 end date means it’s *ended* when 5/31 gets here, not *ends on* 5/31…  So I just stuck a new one in, but we’ll see how long that takes to cycle through…

Ebooks really are the redheaded stepchild in the Googleverse, or they’d put just a little more effort into making their tools easier to use.

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