June 2014

ZOMG $300 this month to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”!

June 30, 2014 // 0 Comments

WOW.  I’ve had a great month, thanks mostly to the BookBub at the start of the month for “Given The Circumstances.”  And that rising tide has also lifted the boat for “A Little Too Broken” as well.  That weird bump in ALTB sales the other day?  A glitch in the Matrix.  Or something.  Back to totally normal numbers the next day.  At least I’ve been doing this long enough not to get my hopes up when something like that happens – like Dane in “Apollo’s Curse,” I’m always hoping for the Miracle Day, the day that Anne Rice anoints me Greatest M/M Erotica Writer Ever and makes me rich and famous so that Ellen DeGeneres puts me on her show.  It could happen! I’ll get a final total for the month tomorrow; there may be more sales, who knows?  End of the month there’s usually a tail-off in sales, though.  Unless something goes nuclear in that department today, and it’s more than I can part with now, [MORE]

HOLY CRAP IT WORKED! “A Little Too Broken” selling like hotcakes today!

June 27, 2014 // 2 Comments

I don’t know if it was its selection by the GLBT Romance Buddy Read group on Facebook, or my mass spammin’ of all gayrotic/gayrom groups, but “A Little Too Broken” has had a shitstorm of sales on the ‘zon today!  (OK a shitstorm in Brad Numbers, not exactly E L James numbers, but still!)           This is fantastic! A quick recalc on sales figures mean that as of right now…$225 is going to IAVA for June!  Best numbers since the book came out!  And that brings combined donations to IAVA and Wounded Warrior Project to $750 since the book was published in November.  Here’s the spreadsheet: I switched to WWP entirely for a while because, well, politics are bullshit, and to be honest I didn’t see as much value in IAVA – and the amounts were so small for a while, so I really felt like with WWP, I was performing a direct service for vets. But after the (latest) VA scandal, I’ve seen the light, and I [MORE]

In “Rest Mode” for a Few Days

June 26, 2014 // 0 Comments

Because I’m in my ‘transition mode’ to July and F/T writing.  So right now, I’m just gathering my strength and resting up for the Big Push. But, while you wait, here is a relevant pic of a sleeping hottie 🙂  What is he resting up for?  Or from?  Doesn’t he look like a young Michael Biehn from the Terminator/Aliens days?  HAWT! [MORE]

$125 so far this month to IAVA!

June 20, 2014 // 4 Comments

100% of this month’s royalties from “A Little Too Broken” are going to IAVA to help them in their efforts to keep the VA honest (or make it honest, as needs be).  We’re up to $125 so far.  AND, I just submitted ALTB as a BookBub book – which even at .99 will mean I can give a FUCKTON of money to WPP and IAVA for the next couple months…if they take it. YOU CAN HELP by reviewing ALTB on Amazon – one of the parameters for BB acceptance is a lot of good reviews on the ‘zon.  (Though I’m not sure how they filter out the farmed/Fiverr’d bullshit ones…seems to me ten good honest reviews are better than 200 bought and paid for, but what do I know 🙂 [MORE]

Coming Soon…A New HAWT Erotica Short!

June 19, 2014 // 4 Comments

Yes, it’s true, it’s been a year since my last hot short story!  The bottom fell out of the market back then, when Amazon went on one of its semi-regular smut purges.  So, like many of my compadres, I closed out Sam’s and Luke’s stories, and turned to long form romance with hot sexin’ instead. But.  AllRomanceEbooks has been a gold mine this month for my shorts, and even if I’m only putting them up for .99, which is all the market will bear anymore for shorts, there’s still money in the banana stand, so to speak 😉 Especially if/when you’ve got four of them to put into a bundle. (If/when because the first one has to fly high to keep them going, of course.) I do have my heteromance to write, which is priority #1.  BUT, I was freestylin’ ideas yesterday and realized, you know what?  Instead of BITCHING about rock star stories with no rockin’, I should just WRITE ONE. And guess what?  Of COURSE I’d already [MORE]

Sometimes all you need is a face…

June 17, 2014 // 0 Comments

I don’t have a story for today’s hottie.  I don’t know how tall he is, or what that bod is like under the shirt, or how the equipment measures up.  I just know that sometimes, when you see the look on a guy’s face, you just know, you know?  That he’s been around the block, and memorized the layout.  That he could walk you around that block on a leash on your hands and knees and you’d love it.  That you wouldn’t be disappointed if you said yes to the question in his eyes.  Sometimes that’s all you need to [MORE]

DIGITAL REMASTERING COMPLETE! Check ’em out on AllRomanceEbooks!

June 17, 2014 // 2 Comments

It’s done!  All the Luke, Sam and Colum stories are revised and improved.  Check ’em all out at AllRomanceEbooks, where I’ve finally put all my stuff.  And I’m making some BANK there too!  Their royalties are much more favorable for .99 titles than Amazon or BN (60% vs. 35%), so it really helps me if you buy from them.  EPUB, MOBI, and PDF versions are all available there.  And the first installments in all three of those series are FREE FREE FREE! So what’s different?  Nothing in the plots, but a lot of the sex scenes are cleaned up, esp. where I went on and on too long with technical details instead of just letting the reader accept that object A is in location B without me drawing a blueprint. For instance, for those of you interested in the sausage makin’ process, here’s the old, WRONG way I did it: He heard Slader clomp across the floor, fast.  Slader grabbed his left hand and wrapped a fat leather cuff around it, sealing it [MORE]

An Ode to the 70s Dude

June 15, 2014 // 3 Comments

I don’t know about you, but for me, when it comes to visual stimulation (e.g., PORN), there’s a big black hole between the 70s and the aughts.  The guys who dominated “the look” in those Falcon Studios days were all, well, so 80s.  I mean, Jeff Stryker?  A sour-pussed little shorty who wore more makeup than my mom?  Really?  Is that all you got? It was the era of the super-inflated, blow dried, big-haired, tattoo-free, shaved-ass mannequin.  B. O. R. I. N. G.  And the sex?  Also, boring.  Brought to us by directors who thought they were auteurs, choreographing an overlit pyramid of multi-fucking sexbots, veal pen residents brought together and stirred to mild consternation. When you look back at the “vintage” porn of the 70s, you don’t see the chiseled bods, the product of steroids and MetRx and speed.  OK, 70s bods were definitely the product of speed.  I know, AIDS as Metaphor and all that as reflected in the porn of the 80s, [MORE]