Awesome! $93 this month to IAVA – 100% of royalties from “A Little Too Broken”

ALTBCoverWay to go, Team Vance!  We got some good sales on “A Little Too Broken” this month, a big bump up from previous months.  As I’d mentioned a week or so ago, I’ve been favoring Wounded Warrior Project with all the donated royalties from ALTB for a while now, as I’ve felt that there was a more immediate impact and dollar value from sending the money to a direct service organization.   This was probably also based on my general “politics is bullshit” outlook, but the whole VA scandal has not only raised the profile of IAVA, and their new watchdog organization,, but it’s reminded me that *someone* has to be the voice in Washington for the veterans.

And you know what?  Let’s do it again.  100% of royalties from June to be split 50/50 between WWP and IAVA.

This is an excerpt from the book, written last fall, and I’m really looking forward to the day, if it ever comes, that none of it is true anymore:

Jamie had time to sit at his desk and surf the web, reading up on veteran’s health issues.  He didn’t know what astonished him more –that the politicians who beat the drum the loudest for America to go to war were the ones who voted against another dime for servicemen’s benefits, or that service people knew they’d probably get the shaft if they got injured, but went to war anyway. 

Your comrades wouldn’t leave you behind on the battlefield, but your country would leave you behind in the hospital.  It was truly fucked up, Jamie decided. 

Jamie knew all about the American health care system.  The system was the system, whether it was veteran’s health care or cancer or AIDS or anything else.  The system wanted you dead, because it was more cost-effective to see you die than to keep you alive.  Keeping you alive cost money that ate into precious dollars needed to pay huge chunks of cash to health insurance company executives, big hospital chain CEOs, pharmaceutical corporation shareholders, oh, and the lobbyists who helped put a clause in Obamacare that prevented Americans from getting cheap drugs from Canada. 

Jamie vaguely remembered the Walter Reed scandal, with wounded soldiers living in squalid conditions in an Army hospital, a stone’s throw from the lawmakers who’d put them there.  Now he got all the awful details about the filth, the physical danger, the incompetence.

The worst part was reading about the nightmarishly bureaucratic mindset that let it all go on.  When one social worker, trying to improve conditions, got a $30,000 grant for improvements, “a Psychiatry Department functionary held up the rest of the money because she feared that buying a lot of recreational equipment close to Christmas would trigger an audit.  By January the funds were no longer available.”


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