Rereading “Sam’s Reluctant Submission” – damn that’s good!

SamsReluctantSubmissionI am trying to get this one FREE for you on Amazon.  It’s currently free on Smashwords, and on Google Play.  (EDIT:  Now also free on AllRomanceEbooks here!) But of course the ‘zon is the White Whale – since Colum went free,  only a week or so ago, he’s been downloaded about 750 times on Amazon!

You can help!  Go to this link on Amazon, and scroll down to where it says “Tell us about a lower price.”  Click on that and then paste in the Google Play link:(

And report the price as ZERO!  Maybe I can get them to move it over to FREE!

Anyway, I just reread it.  Damn, it’s hot!  That is some sexy psyops conflict with Derek!  And, talk about research!  I immersed myself in some serious-ass Special Forces materials to get this one right.  If Sam doesn’t pass muster as a real S.F. dude, well, I’d be surprised.  And I would immediately correct anything that made him stand out as unreal, if some *real* S.F. guy ever read it and told me…after he read it and fell in lust with the filthy mind of Brad Vance LOL. I can dream!

Sure, the story is as crazy as hell.  “Sam’s down to his last five dollars when he meets Derek, who makes him an offer – come to my estate for a manhunt, evade me for two days, and you’ll make ten grand…but if I catch you, you surrender your ass to me! Sam’s got SERE training and he’s pretty sure his straight ass is safe, but anything can happen when the hunt is on…”

But it’s HAWT.  I LOVE SAM.  Yeah, there’s no money in it, but I really need to take a break soon from all this novelin’ and get back to writing some old fashioned DIRTY STORIES, just to clean out the pipes.

2 Comments on Rereading “Sam’s Reluctant Submission” – damn that’s good!

  1. Jennifer Vranek // June 5, 2014 at 2:32 pm // Reply

    Sam/Derek and Colum/Viggo are two of my favorite M/M couples, ever. Your research, thoughtful plotting and quality writing really shine through in both series!

    • BradVance // June 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm // Reply

      Thank you! They are so much fun to do, too. This winter, I’m not going to try and write a novel again…so that’s probably the perfect time to start another erotic series! Oh, yeah, and I’m not done with Colum and Viggo yet either 🙂

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