You asked for it! Another random hottie from The Collection!

ChairI see a lot of photos in my job as co-moderator of the M/M Erotica page on Google+ (Join Now!  All it takes is a Google account!).  And most of them aren’t to my taste.  Overblown hair, Totally Tool waxed eyebrows and fauxhawks and designer sunglasses and oh you know, Derek Zoolander on steroids in a tanning booth.  Whatever floats your boat, mister!

But then again, sometimes I get to see some guys who’ve just got that something extra.  Looking at The Collection of photos I’ve saved off the site, I realize that most of the guys in the pictures I save are looking AT the camera, and the ones I don’t like are looking AWAY.  It’s the too-cool-for-school ones who always look away.  Why?  What are they afraid we’ll see?

And oh yeah baby I love the remote, dark and cruel looking ones for sure (I’ll have one of those for you tomorrow!).  But some days, you know, I’m not in that Sam and Derek or Luke and Slader frame of mind 🙂  Some days I want the hot guy to actually acknowledge my existence!

Like this guy here.  Just a relaxed, candid photo of a guy who happens to be naked and has a fantastic body and gorgeous tats and a magnificent face.  Yeah.  Some days that’s what I want to wake up to.

3 Comments on You asked for it! Another random hottie from The Collection!

  1. If you ever run across my favorite guy, Blake Lee nude let me know. Love that guy!

    • BradVance // June 5, 2014 at 4:17 am // Reply

      I’d never heard of him…Just looked him up, he’s a cutie 🙂 I guess I need to watch more TV LOL.

      • The show was Mixology and very good. Better than most of the drivel on now. I understand it hasn’t been renewed for the fall.

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