Not-So-Random Saturday Hottie Pic!

FantasticSmileI feel good!  So good! Cuz I got YEW!  Yeah, it’s a good day.  I will be writing FULL TIME, at least for a while, starting July 1st!  “A while” shall be legally defined for the terms wheresoever described below as, “until the money runs out” 🙂

So this means a couple of things for Team Vance:  1, “A Great Prince” will be out this summer!  2, “Angelina” will be writing a heteromance novel after all, now that I’ve found some folks who will handle the “everything but writing” part of joining Clone Club with a new pen name (new FB, Twitter, blog, blog tour, etc. etc.). Okay, she may not publish it as Angelina, but whatever.  I’m leaving pen name, title, etc. in the hands of the experts.

BUT what this means is, I am free as “Brad” to do whatever the fuck I want.  I don’t have to write to the market, I don’t have to worry about chasing trends – not that I ever did, but now I don’t have to worry about it 🙂  If I can get heteromance to pay off, and I really do like the story I’ve concocted, then Brad can stay shifter, billionaire, and biker-free!  And given my slow burn at the sight of all the “rock star” stories that completely skirt around anything that has to do with the actual music, well, I might do some research and do one of those too!

But before that, we come to #3, there will be ANOTHER COLUM STORY!  I resisted lowering prices on my stuff for too long, and didn’t really buy the “power of free” thing.  Probably because the stuff I was putting out for free on Smashwords wasn’t translating into sales.  But, guess what?  That’s just Smashwords!  Once “Colum I” went free, it starting pushing sales of the others.  Once I dropped prices across the board, well, Brad-Mart is now making up on volume what it’s “losing” in royalties per copy.  And, again, I’ll now have time to do my precious research to get the next episode of Colum just right.

Oh right!  This guy!  Isn’t he gorgeous?  And SO HAPPY!  This guy LOVES LIFE.  He’s having a great time.  Now, I wish I could tell you I look like that on the outside, but I can tell you that, right now, I look like this on the inside!  GO TEAM VANCE!

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