Man I tell you, it feels good to wake up and be #1 🙂  Admittedly “Sam” is free on ARE at this link, but yeah, after nearly two years in the biz, I’ve learned the power of FREE to drive sales.

I’m going through each of the “Sam” stories and cleaning them up, copyediting some of the mad-dashing and removing my (formerly) trademark “elliptical style.”  Also, I had a few glaring errors I needed to fix (a scene at night in which sunlight comes down a shaft when the door is opened, oops!).  So by end of day today, #4 will also be up at ARE, and revised everywhere but Amazon.

The companion story “Eddie’s MMA Submission” *might* make it up today.  I’ve got my boyfriend Novak Djokovic to watch in a minute, and you know, “Orange is the New Black” is out and I haven’t binged on that yet, and there’s a Game of Thrones episode tonight that promises lots o’ killin’, and I taped “Orphan Black” last night…a busy day ahead LOL.

I’ll be reposting 2, 3 and 4 as well as the “Whole Story” to Amazon, but I didn’t want to do that over the weekend – this is the time when the ‘zon brings in the bluest of bluenoses to censor and forbid and block anything with nookie in it.

Ironic, really – Amazon could give a shit about all the bad publicity surrounding the game of hardball they’re playing with Hachette, and yet, a single blogger denouncing smut is enough to send a multibillion dollar corporation running for the hills…

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