The Hits Keep Comin’! Another great review for “Apollo”!

ApolloCoverThis one from PrismBookAlliance:

I loved the concept of a romance writer needing to find romance in his own life. I enjoyed the insight into the mind and processes of being an author. The fact that Dane’s writing journey morphs into a real life journey was artfully developed and creatively executed. Dane’s journey to find his purpose in life takes the reader on a fantastic journey to find the Dane’s mysterious Muse. The suspense grows as Dane’s time runs short. Brad Vance makes writing seem easy (but if you read this, you will see that it is not). Well done Mr. Vance, well done…Overall, Apollo’s Curse by Brad Vance was fantastic. It had humor, emotions, love, and one really blind man who I wanted to smack upside his head and scream “OPEN YOUR EYES!” I loved it. Oh and the chapter titles are great! 

It feels goooooood, getting a really good review.  It’s “Writer’s Crack,” basically 🙂

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