The “Digital Remastering” Continues! SEVEN HITS is now up for .99!

Brad Vance 3D NaughtySEVEN HITS! GET. YOUR. ASS. READY! Seven HAWT SEXIN’ Brad Vance stories for .99! That’s like a penny per orgasm! dp/B00KXGWC7K  (NOTE: Amazon link deliberately broken with a space before “dp” so WordPress doesn’t fuck up this page by duplicating the cover and inserting an Amazon Buy Now link From Which I Do No Profit!)

All seven of these stories have been rigorously edited to bring them up to the latest Brad Vance SynerQualValueMark(TM) standard, version 2014!  In other words, I went back and undid my random elliptical run on sentences, streamlined some of the choreography (you don’t need to hear that Nick uses his left hand to hold the camera while the right hand grabs Tyler’s head for a merciless skullfucking – it’s implied 🙂 ), unscrewed up some of the screwups, etc.  I was a mad dasher, I’ll admit.  I couldn’t wait to get to the finish line called SUCCESS and at the time I was running so hard and fast on stress fumes alone that, well, I was reckless and pell-mell.  They’re all good stories, but some (cough Beck’s Cruisy Motel Hookup cough) needed some serious surgery.

Yeah, I hadda reuse that pic of Slader for the bundle, even though there are no Luke stories in it.  It’s the belt.  Cuz you’re gettin’ seven hits, right?  Heh.  Yeah, that pic got BLOCKED on Amazon a while back.  Can you believe it?  A man.  Holding.  A belt.  Was blocked.  As inappropriate.  Then I replaced it. And then they blocked the story anyway, along with all the other Luke/Slader stories.  Even though half of Amazon’s annual income is probably based on Fifty Fucking Shades of Grey, but that’s different I guess… You know, that’s what censorship is.  It’s not some brilliant plan to suppress sexuality or dissent or creativity.  It’s some frightened little mouse in a cubicle who’s been rigorously trained to believe that overreacting is always the best policy.  When in doubt, throw it out!  A belt, hmm, that looks like he’s about to use it in some S/M thing.  That’s probably against policy.  I should block it.  Remember the old phrase, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”?  Well, nobody ever got fired for censoring more than they should – only less.  Anyway, /rant :0

(EDIT – after consideration, I have to admit that I do censor things myself, on the G+ M/M Erotica page.  Basically, if someone submits a pic and the guy looks underage to me, I remove it.  If he’s *definitely* underage, the post is removed and the poster is banned.  Is that subjective?  Yes, since I’m not able to check model’s IDs and confirm/deny.  But there is a difference between a picture of a man holding a belt, and a suggestive picture of some underage guy.  There is a place for “censorship.”  But only when the lines are clear, and the objectionable nature of what’s being censored is overwhelmingly apparent to everyone.  If that makes me a hypocrite, ok I can live with it.)

Next up will be an edit on Luke and Slader, to finish my digital remastering effort.  I’m not especially fertile in the “new content” department right now – probably because I’m counting down to the day that I’m WRITING FULL TIME, at least for a while, and I just have to get through this interregnum, this awkward mental state of waiting for the day, before I can FOCUS.

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