Coming Soon…A New HAWT Erotica Short!

Sexy manYes, it’s true, it’s been a year since my last hot short story!  The bottom fell out of the market back then, when Amazon went on one of its semi-regular smut purges.  So, like many of my compadres, I closed out Sam’s and Luke’s stories, and turned to long form romance with hot sexin’ instead.

But.  AllRomanceEbooks has been a gold mine this month for my shorts, and even if I’m only putting them up for .99, which is all the market will bear anymore for shorts, there’s still money in the banana stand, so to speak 😉 Especially if/when you’ve got four of them to put into a bundle. (If/when because the first one has to fly high to keep them going, of course.)

I do have my heteromance to write, which is priority #1.  BUT, I was freestylin’ ideas yesterday and realized, you know what?  Instead of BITCHING about rock star stories with no rockin’, I should just WRITE ONE.

And guess what?  Of COURSE I’d already bought a Francesco/Francis J. Cura photo that was PERFECT for the cover!  He looks a lot leaner in this pic than in his others, but you know I like that better than the big beefin’, myself.  But FJ, if you’re out there, why is the guitar in the background and not the foreground?  Photoshoppin’ may be in order here.  Never mind.  You’ll always be my rock star 🙂

Yeah, so look for that this summer!

4 Comments on Coming Soon…A New HAWT Erotica Short!

  1. What gitar’.? sexy eyes

  2. Oh yeah! That’s a sexy man! Love the unsnapped jeans!

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