HOLY CRAP IT WORKED! “A Little Too Broken” selling like hotcakes today!

I don’t know if it was its selection by the GLBT Romance Buddy Read group on Facebook, or my mass spammin’ of all gayrotic/gayrom groups, but “A Little Too Broken” has had a shitstorm of sales on the ‘zon today!  (OK a shitstorm in Brad Numbers, not exactly E L James numbers, but still!)







This is fantastic! A quick recalc on sales figures mean that as of right now…$225 is going to IAVA for June!  Best numbers since the book came out!  And that brings combined donations to IAVA and Wounded Warrior Project to $750 since the book was published in November.  Here’s the spreadsheet:


I switched to WWP entirely for a while because, well, politics are bullshit, and to be honest I didn’t see as much value in IAVA – and the amounts were so small for a while, so I really felt like with WWP, I was performing a direct service for vets.

But after the (latest) VA scandal, I’ve seen the light, and I know that without IAVA, there is NOBODY in Washington to lobby for vets.  There’s no K Street firm forgoing their $600 an hour fees to take a politician out to a “good lunch” and persuade him that some rich fuck somewhere should part with a single nickel to help pay for veterans’ benefits.  IAVA is pretty much it right now in the effective activist department.

So, as G. W. Bush once said, KEEP SHOPPING! 🙂

[EDIT – I Did Not Know That!  IAVA DOES do direct service work.  Their Rapid Response Referral Program is:

“…IAVA’s case management and referral services program. Launched in December 2012 in partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, this new program is connecting our Member Veterans and their families with veteran-specific resources.

Though our current funding concentrates on vets in New York and California, we will never turn down a veteran or family member — no matter where they live.”

All the more reason to send them some $$$

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