The Countdown Begins…BookBub Friday for “A Little Too Broken”!

ALTBStickerI’ll be dropping the price a few days before that on all platforms.  I got caught out by Amazon on my BookBub for “Given the Circumstances,” when it turned out that 36 hours wasn’t enough time for them to process my price change.  Yeah, definitely going to push through my changes on Tuesday this time!

Sooo, you can wait and get it for .99, or you can buy it now for 3.99, keeping in mind that 50% of the profits go to IAVA and WWP.  So that’s about $1.40 donated per copy at full price, but $0.175 a copy at the sale price.

I should still reap a hefty sum for both charities during the sale, as I’m pretty sure I’ll make up on volume what I lose on price, since I sold like a thousand-plus copies of GTC at .99.  And GTC is still selling steadily since the BookBub, even at the restored price.

Other than that, I’ve been working hard on my heteromance.  Really need to get that out the door before I return to “bein’ Brad Vance” and write that rock star story 🙂

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