August 2014

Holy Crap! $560 raised for IAVA and WWP! And, the road ahead >>>

August 31, 2014 // 2 Comments

ALL HAIL THE BOOKNOTOAD!  Er, BookBub, that is.  “A Little Too Broken” raked in buckets of ducats this month, mostly thanks to the Bookbub at the beginning of the month. So that means $560 split down the middle between IAVA and WWP. Now, as you all know, normally I don’t wait for the ‘zon and other companies to pay me before I send the donation – I’ll put the money out of my own pocket on the 31st or 1st right after the end of the earning month.  However.  Since this is SOO MUCH MONEY, and I didn’t work a day job in July, and therefore didn’t have any paychecks in August, I have to wait on this till I have some ducats of my own.  It shouldn’t take until the end of October (when Amazon will pay me for August royalties earned), but I do need to get a couple paychecks back in my pocket before I can pay it out.  In the name of transparency, I will, as always, keep you posted 🙂 That said.  Rocky and Dex are mushrooming into [MORE]

Rocky and Dex are getting bigger…

August 30, 2014 // 2 Comments

Damn I swear you just can’t control the creative process sometimes.  My whole idea with Rocky and Dex was to get something in print soon, a “rock star” short story with lots of hawt sexin’, because I haven’t published anything since “Apollo’s Curse” in May.  I said to myself, self?  You didn’t make any money on “Apollo” because it didn’t have all that Brad Vance Hawt Sexin'(TM).  So you need to get some sexin’ out there, soon!  And you need to get your income going again, too.  And you know what sells like hot salty balls?  ROCK STARS! So that was the plan.  Then I started outlining the story.  And then I started thinking about why these guys were attracted to each other, and of course also repelled because without repulsion (shame, fear, anger, etc.) there’s no conflict.  Everyone hates “instalove” stories, especially me. And then all of a sudden Rocky had a backstory.  OH [MORE]

Wait…what? Didn’t you start a different novel already?

August 27, 2014 // 0 Comments

Yeah…the ‘Gay Princes’ are on hold.  Part of that was just Various Life Crises that derailed me for a while, but some of it?  Well, it takes place in these two nonexistent countries I sliced out between Austria and Hungary, one of which was a former Communist state.  And the whole story arc is dependent on Russian baddies pushing into the former Communist country to try and take over. And, you know, with people getting KILLED in Ukraine, it just didn’t seem like a good time to do some slick gay romance thing around all that, y’know?  But.  It’s not a dead letter, by any means.  Once characters take on a life, which Nikolas (seen in the photo here is my vision of him) and Franz Albert have already done, I’m kinda fucked 🙂  But they are on hold while I work on Rocky and Dex. As always, I’ve figured out how to get around these awkward moments.  When the time comes, somewhere down the line, I’ll be donating a portion [MORE]

OH HAI! Not dead, just resting! And BACK with the opening to a new novel!

August 26, 2014 // 4 Comments

So I’ve been delinquent on posting the last few weeks, mostly because “Angelina” has been working her tail off on “The Cowboy’s New Bride.”  She could sure use a few good reviews if you’re up to it!  It’s a short book, not a lotta sexin’, but some good humor in it and a neat setting in the 1930s. But, I’ve got control of the keyboard again now, and I’ve started a new novel!  Yeah, I was planning on a series of rock star shorts, but…well, shit, I was partly convinced by economics to make it a novel, but to be honest, the goddamn characters started writing their own backstories – and once you got backstory, you got a novel on your hands, baby. So…here, in very rough draft, is the first part of “Unnamed Novel about Rocky and Dex.”  Gotta lot of research to do and some shit to solve – I know, the other band wouldn’t actually show up 15 mins before their session.  First draft! [MORE]

HOLY CRAPOLY! A Bigger Better BookBub for “A Little Too Broken”!

August 3, 2014 // 0 Comments

Well, I don’t know if it’s because their LGBT list is now 60k people instead of the previous 40k, but the BB for “A Little Too Broken” went cray-cray!  I sold over 1200 copies across platforms in two days, nearly 1000 on Amazon!  The sale is still on through tomorrow if you haven’t got your .99 copy.  Having had two BBs now, I see how it works – sales peak the first day, with about 25% as many sales the second day, and half that the third day. And what does that mean for IAVA and WWP?  Well, in TWO DAYS, I raised $225 for these two organizations!  And the best thing is, as I discovered with “Given the Circumstances,” once you raise the price again, the exposure keeps the sales up, so this will definitely be a fantastic month for me and for these [MORE]

$100 from July to IAVA and WWP! PS BOOKBUB WHOO!

August 2, 2014 // 0 Comments

Split 50/50 this month, and sent out this a.m.  AND, the BookBub for “A Little Too Broken” which started yesterday is going HEWGE – 900 copies on the ‘zon already in less than 24 hours! I think “Given the Circumstances” got into the 400 range of the best seller rank during its BookBub, but BB’s LGBT list is now 60k people, whereas it was only 40k just two months ago. I did forget that the ‘zon dings you hard on “delivery fees” when you have a full size image, so I’ve been losing .05 in royalties per copy on ALTB because of that.  Which is a big deal when the royalty is only .35 (35% of any price under $2.99).   So I need to hustle up a fresh copy with a lower resolution cover this a.m. Siderant:  Amazon posted this justification for their price war with Hachette in a Kindle Forum: “It’s also important to understand that e-books are highly price-elastic. This means that when the price goes up, customers [MORE]