HOLY CRAPOLY! A Bigger Better BookBub for “A Little Too Broken”!

ALTBStickerWell, I don’t know if it’s because their LGBT list is now 60k people instead of the previous 40k, but the BB for “A Little Too Broken” went cray-cray!  I sold over 1200 copies across platforms in two days, nearly 1000 on Amazon!  The sale is still on through tomorrow if you haven’t got your .99 copy.  Having had two BBs now, I see how it works – sales peak the first day, with about 25% as many sales the second day, and half that the third day.

And what does that mean for IAVA and WWP?  Well, in TWO DAYS, I raised $225 for these two organizations!  And the best thing is, as I discovered with “Given the Circumstances,” once you raise the price again, the exposure keeps the sales up, so this will definitely be a fantastic month for me and for these charities.

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