Wait…what? Didn’t you start a different novel already?

BrutallyHandsomeYeah…the ‘Gay Princes’ are on hold.  Part of that was just Various Life Crises that derailed me for a while, but some of it?  Well, it takes place in these two nonexistent countries I sliced out between Austria and Hungary, one of which was a former Communist state.  And the whole story arc is dependent on Russian baddies pushing into the former Communist country to try and take over.

And, you know, with people getting KILLED in Ukraine, it just didn’t seem like a good time to do some slick gay romance thing around all that, y’know?  But.  It’s not a dead letter, by any means.  Once characters take on a life, which Nikolas (seen in the photo here is my vision of him) and Franz Albert have already done, I’m kinda fucked 🙂  But they are on hold while I work on Rocky and Dex.

As always, I’ve figured out how to get around these awkward moments.  When the time comes, somewhere down the line, I’ll be donating a portion (not sure how much yet, but probably 25%) of the profits to a Chernobyl-related charity of good repute.  For the sake of my conscience, that assuages the overall silliness of inserting brutal Russian power grabs into a gay romance plot.  So, yeah!  “A Great Prince” is still coming, at some point.

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