Rocky and Dex are getting bigger…

Damn I swear you just can’t control the creative process sometimes.  My whole idea with Rocky and Dex was to get something in print soon, a “rock star” short story with lots of hawt sexin’, because I haven’t published anything since “Apollo’s Curse” in May.  I said to myself, self?  You didn’t make any money on “Apollo” because it didn’t have all that Brad Vance Hawt Sexin'(TM).  So you need to get some sexin’ out there, soon!  And you need to get your income going again, too.  And you know what sells like hot salty balls?  ROCK STARS!

So that was the plan.  Then I started outlining the story.  And then I started thinking about why these guys were attracted to each other, and of course also repelled because without repulsion (shame, fear, anger, etc.) there’s no conflict.  Everyone hates “instalove” stories, especially me.

And then all of a sudden Rocky had a backstory.  OH SNAP!  You know what that means.  And then Dex got real, too – he wasn’t just that Derek/Slader level “dark, angry top” anymore, but a real person with a real life history.  FUCK!  Now I gotta write a novel!

So the bad news is, there won’t be any new BV titles for a few months.  The good news is, I am pretty sure this is another “Given the Circumstances” – a real honest-to-goodness “romantic sweep” novel.  And for those of you who don’t like short books, well, I’m up to 3000 words of outline just for the backstories alone!  So yeah.  This novel might take like three whole months to write!  Which is like forever in self-pub time!  So be patient with me, please 🙂  I am pretty sure it’s going to be worth it.

2 Comments on Rocky and Dex are getting bigger…

  1. Stay horny…that helps the books hawt sexin. So no wank’in the willy for the next three months…got it?

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