Accepting you can’t do it all…

So I have a sad, kind of.  I dropped my Uni class this a.m., for a number of reasons.  But the #1 reason is time/energy.  I have a day job.  I have another job being Brad the Writer.  And another job as Brad’s Publicist, loggin’ the floggin’ and pole dancin’ all over the place.  And another as Brad’s editor, the cold cruel voice that says, this has to change, this has to go, you need to research this/fact check that.  (Never mind channeling Angelina, which isn’t going so well, but that’s another story.)

I love being a student.  But I was facing three ten-page papers in a 200 level class (say what?), on top of the time in class/to-from class, and reading for class.

And I just can’t do it – I can’t do everything, without doing most of it half-assed.  I’ve seen that too many times in my life:  people who are always proving how much they can do, “I’ll own that, I’m on it!” and then they do nothing more than spin plates, busy busy busy.  But nothing really gets done, or it gets done half-assed.  I can’t be that guy.

One day, when Brad is crowned King of All Media, and I have one less job, then I can take classes again.  But a man’s got to know his limitations.

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