“The Worst Best Luck” revisited – and it’s…GOOD!

NextI rarely post hotpix, as y’all know, for one simple reason.  Most of the pix I see ain’t that hot.  I mean, sure, there’s lots of beef and beef byproduct out there, but I need something more.  A little personality, a little humor, a flashing glimpse of a dirty mind.  Yeah, this pic will do 🙂

So!  I finished my edit of  “The Worst Best Luck” and you know what?  IT DOESN’T SUCK!  Why o why did I think it did?  The mechanic stuff?  Yeah, there’s enough in there.  I did maybe bullshit a little bit at the beginning to cover up my technical ignorance, but I just snipped that out and the book is the better for it.

It’s a really good book about emotionally abusive relationships, for sure.  How bad people can get their hooks into you, see your weaknesses and exploit the fuck out of them.  I know I got a couple of “meh” reviews when it came out, and obviously I took them TOO MUCH TO HEART.  So, my apologies to you, my bookie wookie – you deserve another chance in the world.  Anyway, I’ll be repubbing it this weekend with the edits I made and then I’ll be reflogging it, maybe as a .99 title for a while.

I submitted “Apollo’s Curse” for a BookBub, which would be my third – It’ll be a two day freebie this time instead of a .99’er, because I REALLY want to get that book’s profile raised.  It’s my favorite of all my books, and when people love it, oh do they ever love it.  It’s not the usual Brad Vance fare, but I still think it could be, should be, my “breakthrough” book.

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