.99 Sale on “The Worst Best Luck”! At all fine retailers :)

WBLCoverI really want to get it out there again, raise the “visibility” of a book that probably isn’t doing so well because I spent so much time knocking it myself.  For no good reason, other than authorial anxiety and negative self-talk!

Otherwise, I’m not feeling too supercharged right now.  I should be working on Rocky and Dex, pumping out the words, but my well is dry.  Of course, I did just write a 10,000 word outline of the *entire novel* a week ago, so I guess a break is in order while the sediment settles, eh 🙂  But that would involve giving myself some slack, and that just won’t do, right?  Well, sometimes you gotta give yourself slack, or you’ll just break the rope, right?


7 Comments on .99 Sale on “The Worst Best Luck”! At all fine retailers :)

  1. What are your plans for the 10,000 word outline?
    I beta read this for you and I cannot find it on my computer. geesh!

  2. I think if you’re feeling the “well” dry, maybe you’re trying too hard. Maybe it’s time you go out, do something different…something you like and take your mind off things you think you should be doing and just go with the flow.
    What do you think about that?

    • Yep 🙂 I just spent this morning writing down “crazy ideas” for projects I may never do, but which I don’t write down because “Oh I’ve got to focus on this novel, I can’t get distracted.” But getting distracted is exactly what I need right now.

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