My Proust Questionnaire

handsome shirtless male modelI posted this to Facebook, but if you aren’t my FB friend, and you should be, here it is again 🙂

Your favorite virtue: Honesty.
Your favorite qualities in a woman. Smart, funny, loyal.
Your favorite qualities in a man. Smart, funny, hung.
Your chief characteristic. I’m fookin’ brilliant! (I guess that makes arrogance my chief characteristic.)
What you appreciate the most in your friends. Honesty, loyalty.
Your main fault. Self-criticism, the inability to let myself off the hook for any failing.
Your favorite occupation. Writing a fantastic book.
Your idea of happiness. Reading a fantastic book.
Your idea of misery. Strapped to a chair with my eyes taped open, forced to watch a never-ending loop of Adam Sandler movies.
If not yourself, who would you be? David Mitchell (because I’d want to be the moistest fantasticest author on the planet today).
Where would you like to live? Where I am now, but with milder summers and just a little more rain.
Your favorite color and flower. Blue, gladiolas.
Your favorite prose authors. Based on the number of their works on my bookshelf: David Mitchell, Doris Lessing, George Orwell, George MacDonald Fraser, Patrick O’Brien, Jo Nesbo, Bernard Cornwell (when he’s on his game), Jonathan Lethem, Jonathan Franzen (okay he’s only written two novels but they’re awesome), Christopher Isherwood, Frances Burney, Anthony Trollope, Jane Austen, Barbara Tuchman.
Your favorite poets. Ummm …. Okay I’m a barbarian!
Your favorite heroes in fiction. Jack Aubrey, Harry Hole, Sam Bradford
Your favorite heroines in fiction. Ellen Ripley (I know, a movie, but movies are fiction), Gretchen from the Chelsea Cain “Heart” books (okay, a villainess, but still), Martha Quest.
Your favorite painters and composers. Lucian Freud, John Currin (Thanksgiving), Bronzino. Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn.
Your heroes in real life. Everyone involved with Wounded Warrior Project and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.
Your favorite heroines in real life. My bestie Leslie Castle!
What characters in history do you most dislike. Jesse Helms. When history is written, his hatred of the gays and his obstructionism in the Senate of anything and everything that could have stopped the spread of AIDS will reveal him as the greatest mass murderer in history. His actions have made the AIDS pandemic orders of magnitude worse than it would have been. Unlike other villains in history, his actions continue to kill millions long after he is dead. Worst. Person. Ever.
Your heroines in World history. Elizabeth I, Madalyn Murray O’Hair.
Your favorite food and drink. Peanut butter, Chateau Carignan 2009 (not together!)
Your favorite names. Alex, Brendan, Brad , Daniel, Evan, Greg, Harry, Jacob, Lee, Matt, Nick, Nico, Nicholas, Nicolai, did I forget any variants LOL, Paul, Sam, Ted, Tom.
What I hate the most. Sociopaths and emotional abusers.
The military event I admire the most. The willingness of any American to voluntarily put him or herself in harm’s way, even if the cause is not entirely just or even rational.
The reform I admire the most. The removal of Biblical restrictions from secular laws.
The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with. The kind of body that doesn’t get fat. The ability to only eat what I need.
How I wish to die. In possession of all my faculties.
What is your present state of mind. Thinking hard to answer all these questions!
For what fault have you most toleration? In others, the inability to control overeating, because it’s the fault I least tolerate in myself so I totally understand it.
Your favorite motto. Books are friends who are easy to make and hard to lose.

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  1. We share a lot of answers… especially Elizabeth ! and Ripley!

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