OH BOY! Another HAWT Francesco Cura pic!

Guitar and manSo I was cruising photos this morning, and look what I found in my downloads folder – another HAWT PIC of Francesco Cura as a rock star!  I think I set it aside because it’s landscape and thus not quite perfect for a book cover, but…FUCK HE’S SO HAWT. The guitar is more prominent than in the “Standing” one, but of course in the standing one you can see his hawt bod 🙂

Young manAnd of course while cruising the Curaphotography pix at Depositphotos, I found some new inspirations.  Francesco can pick ’em!  This dude, for instance, is going to get a little “red eye” in the pupils, and become a daemon in a future “Rob the Daemon” story.  He’s definitely got the devil in him!





And this last dude, well, sometimes you see a pic that makes you want to write a story just for that pic.  This “instagrammy” dude just cries out for a hot dirty story set in LA in the 70s, doesn’t he…

Young man in summer











EDIT:  OH YEAH, and I downloaded this guy too.  No idea what I’d do with him cover-wise, but OMG THAT FACE THAT SMILE THOSE EYES THAT BOD…

Sexy cute guy


4 Comments on OH BOY! Another HAWT Francesco Cura pic!

  1. I found your article trying to find a list of his models and places where we could find more images of some of his great models. He’s one of the best out there!!!

  2. I have seen some new incredible photographs that have blown my mind. Francis Cura seems to be considered the king of the industry both as a model and as a photographer.

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