October 2014

(Probably) $200 raised for charity on “A Little Too Broken” in October!

October 31, 2014 // 4 Comments

Hard to say yet.  That’s based on my for sure cash royalties, plus a guesstimate that the KU/KOLL borrow payout will be $1.50 per borrow.  That’s the lowest number folks have seen this year, but we really have NO IDEA until about the 15th of next month what it’ll be… Bezos the Barbarian has yet to crush all his enemies, see them driven before him, and hear the lamentation of their women, so I’m assuming he’s still interested in motivating authors to abandon all other platforms for the ‘zon.  It’s been as high as $1.80, so it could in the end be more than $200. At any rate, my ARE quarterly payout will come in around then, at which time I’ll push the donations out 🙂  Not doing it right this minute because I need the cash in hand because…I’M ON VACATION WHOO NEW YORK CITY!!!  No posts till Tuesday, sorry I know I left you all cliffhanging with Dex 🙂  But as always I guarantee you won’t be disappointed [MORE]

The Angel of Biloxi…

October 30, 2014 // 2 Comments

Here it is…the epic scene…  I had to rearrange a bit of the landscape in Biloxi to get this scene to work, but the lighthouse did, indeed, survive.   Their senior year passed like the wind.  Dex broke up with Laycee in January of ’05.  She’d started calling him “my boyfriend” around school, and his buddies had stopped ragging him about boning her on the sly, and he could feel it – the world, closing in on him, the expectation that he’d settle down, “go steady.” And what would that lead to, he thought glumly, other than me getting drunk one night and fucking her without a rubber, or the rubber breaking, and there it is, a baby, and the next twenty years of my life set in stone. He knew the pattern.  He’d hang out with Alex on Saturdays, get baked, play music, and talk, about everything in the world other than what was maybe the most important thing in his life.  Then he’d go out with Laycee.  Alex had to know, didn’t he, Dex thought.  [MORE]

KU is working so far so good…and OMG A NEW PERFECT ROCKY PIC!

October 28, 2014 // 4 Comments

OF COURSE it’s F. Cura!  I don’t know how I missed this the first go-round.  The dude’s still an active photographer, but he hasn’t posted pix of himself since 2012…some day I’m gonna run out of “fresh to me” Francesco pics, and then what will I do?  His other models are hot, but never as HAWT as F himself. This one is just perfect, of course, given Rocky’s religious background.  I’m thinking, since I wrote the scene with the John Hiatt song, that the working title of this book might be “A Little Faith.”  It sounds good to me. So the KU/KOLL borrow scheme is working out for me, so far.  I’m getting more reviews, and a good # of borrows.  As you can see, it hasn’t dented my sales, so far, but then they are obviously so low that statistically, what’s the diff 🙂  It’s a little odd not knowing how much you’ll make per borrow till 15 days or so after the month is over, but [MORE]

“I Can’t Be Gay…”

October 28, 2014 // 0 Comments

Poor Dex… And it only gets worse soon, with Hurricane Katrina on its way to Biloxi…   Dex was flat out on his bed that Sunday morning, staring at the ceiling.  He was dressed for church, and just killing time now till his Mom was ready to go. He looked around the room, thinking about the posters he’d put up on his wall since meeting Alex.  Only posted because they were pictures of guitarists, sure, inspiration, but they were all guys, weren’t they?  No supermodels up there.  And they were all good looking guys.  And why did he have that poster of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, huh?  Because none of them had shirts on? “I can’t be gay,” he said out loud, but barely, mouthing the words with even less force than he mustered for singing.  Four words that had so many meanings.  He couldn’t be gay, because it wasn’t allowed, he’d be despised by everyone he ever knew.  He couldn’t be gay, because real gays are flamers, queens, that guy Jack on “Will [MORE]

Dex Makes a New Friend

October 27, 2014 // 2 Comments

And not a minute too soon, the poor guy…   At lunchtime, Dex often sat alone in the cafeteria, reading.  Just as he’d learned to conceal Guitar World in a textbook when he was in class, now he concealed a novel inside Guitar World in the cafeteria.  Reading, as everyone knew, was gay.  And even if someone had passing interest in what he was reading, the question was always, “What class you readin’ that for?” He could feel someone standing behind him, looking over his shoulder.  He turned his head, ready to glare away any smart remarks, his height and mass coming in more than handy at times like this. The guy behind him was slim, short, and his dark hair flopped over one eye.  The other was bright and alert behind a pair of cheap black glasses, the kind you got on Medicaid – not hopelessly lame, but not fancy, either.  Somehow, though, they worked on this guy. “Hey.” “Hey,” Dex said back. “That the Da Vinci Code?” “Yeah.  You can see that [MORE]

I Found Dex! And Deep Thoughts on Music…

October 24, 2014 // 2 Comments

Look what I found on Deposit Photos!  This is definitely Dex Dexter… I’m getting more comfortable writing the musical sections of Rocky and Dex’s stories.  I don’t play an instrument, but I’m seeing that, even though as the quote says, “writing about music is like dancing about architecture,” there are enough parallels to make it possible.  I watched a fairly interesting short documentary yesterday on David Bowie, and as I watched his session musicians show how songs like “China Girl” or “Fame” developed in the studio, I thought, wow, that’s insanely creative, to improvise like that, to just take a theme and spin it into something new.  How do they do that! But then, isn’t that what I do?  Take a theme in M/M romance like “football player” or “military guy” or “rock star,” and spin it, turn it into something more, take those paper-doll tropes and put some meat on their bones?  Improvise, create on the fly?  Every morning I’m either [MORE]

WHOO! Dex’s backstory begins!

October 23, 2014 // 2 Comments

Here ya go!  3400 words of Young Dex Dexter for your reading pleasure!  This guy doesn’t look anything like Dex, and yet…well, he’s so HAWT.   “Thomas!” the teacher barked.  “What’s that on your feet?” Dex looked up from his magazine, buried in the pages of his biology textbook.  Thomas shrugged.  “Shoes.”  The other kids laughed at the would-be class clown. “No…” Mr. Hicks said disdainfully.  “Above that.” “Socks.” “Yes.  Rainbow socks.  You look like a clown.  Do you think this is a circus?” Thomas shrugged again.  “Could be.”  Louder laughter this time. Mr. Hicks made a great show of reaching for The Pad, the book of detention slips he kept on his desk.  “Get out of my class.” Dex returned his attention to the latest issue of Guitar Player.  He’d seen kids get sent to detention for less.  Hell, he’d seen kids get arrested for less.  Well, black kids like Thomas, at least.  One black girl had needed [MORE]

Whew! A restart on Rocky and Dex at last!

October 22, 2014 // 1 Comment

It’s been TWO WHOLE WEEKS since I wrote anything but outline.  Been sleepin’ too good lately as I wait for this pulled/torn/whatever muscle to heal, which leaves no time for writing.  I know!  Two weeks with no production in selfpub time is like two years of writer’s block for a tradpubber! So Dex’s backstory is underway.  It starts when he’s sixteen, since unlike Rocky, nothing really interesting or formative happens to him until then.  I’m really having a hard time getting my head around the religion thing – Dex has religious notions and I just…man, it’s like trying to write from the POV of a space alien.  Well, that might be easier, because I can believe in space aliens easier than I can believe in [MORE]

So It Has Been Written! So Let It Be Done! My Novels are in Kindle Select (for now)

October 18, 2014 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I had to do it.  Funny, while Amazon can take 12-36 hours to process other equally crucial updates to my books, the change to Select took less than an hour for all of them… Guess that action puts them in the top of the queue, eh? This is my sales chart for the last month…yeah.  My best day in the last month was 30 sales.  (Red line = sales, green line = free, which is Colum #1, and blue line = borrows.)  And I’ve had 10 borrows already today, and it’s only 8 am Pacific.  So if last month’s #s hold up, in which people got about $1.50 a borrow, and I’d otherwise get $2.80 or thereabouts per sale, well, I need to have 2x the borrows than my average sales, to break even.  Cross your fingers for me!  Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!  And pants.  And a shirt.  And winter tires.  And a 90,000 mile service on the car.  And so [MORE]