Thinking out loud about Dex

Nursing an injury so I’ve been offline the last few days.  Which is for the best, I think.  I was getting into go go go mode on Rocky and Dex, which worked while I was writing part 1 of Rocky’s backstory.  Now I need a quiet period, a reset before starting on Dex, for a few reasons.

Lemme tell you, I know jack shit about country music.  The contemporary top 40 kind, for sure.  I’ve never listened to it in my life.  And the thing with Dex is, he’s a guy who should have gone “alt-country” from the get-go, but that would leave me without a conflict in my story 🙂 so he’s got to be drawn into doing highly commercial product to start.

For that matter, though, I know jack shit about any top 40 songs.  I just don’t listen to that stuff, or watch The Voice or Idol or anything else that’s going to produce What Most People Want.  So I need to figure out A, who’s popular when Dex goes into the business, and B, who’s famous in country music but really sucks.  I know there are some good country artists out there, not just the alt-country ones, but of course with anything reaching the lowest common denominator, there’s a lot of crap.  And of course there’s a LOT of religion in country music, the Old Tyme Religion that still blames the gays for everything.  I had to laugh when I read this article, for instance:

I mean, how many atheists are country music fans in the first place?

So the goal is, as always, to be accurate 🙂 to not tag an artist who’s actually talented with the “hick brush.” But there are plenty of them, I’m sure, who are just as crass and bland and boring as Miley Cyrus or whatever.

2 Comments on Thinking out loud about Dex

  1. Sorry B, I can’t help you. Never watch the shows on TV like the voice. And never listen to country. If I hear that TV commercial that has Johnny Cash trying to sing one more time I’m going to throw a shoe at it. 😉

    • I like Johnny cash but anything past that I just don’t relate…I remember growing up with Hee Haw on tv, that’s pretty much my exposure to cw music 🙂

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