As long a term plan as I’m capable of!

Warrior cryWhich ain’t long 🙂  But here’s the deal.  I’m a damn fool if I don’t write another “Colum’s Viking Captivity” story soon.  I have WHOLE NOVELS out there that aren’t selling, at the same price, as well as Colum III.  And of course I did set up #4 at the end of #3, with Viggo and Colum preparing to go to war against the Franks.

When I was doing the first set of stories, I got the Great Courses on the Vikings, and this bit in the reading material really stood out as perfect for the next one:

This initial phase also saw a clash between Charlemagne and Danish King Guthfrith (r. c. 800–810; also Godfred; ON: Guthfrid), who was probably the king who controlled Hedeby and may have been responsible for the second phase of the construction of Danevirke, fortifications on Denmark’s southern borders on the Eider River. Guthfrith carried out a massive naval demonstration off Frisia and threatened Dorestad, Northern Europe’s premier market city and jewel of the Carolingian Empire’s economic system. No Frankish king could afford to see that city threatened.

In the words of Gandalf the White:  PREPARE FOR BATTLE!

So the plan is, finish the Rocky and Dex backstories, then take a break and do some HOT VIKING SEXIN’!  R&D are on hold while I nurse my pulled/torn muscle – I’m sleeping till the shockingly late hour of 5 or even 5:30 lately, which kills my writing mojo even if the pain didn’t.  And I need to reset my head from Rocky to Dex, anyway.  If this book takes (horrors!) the rest of the calendar year to finish, well, so be it.

2 Comments on As long a term plan as I’m capable of!

  1. robsessedjenn // October 18, 2014 at 7:39 am // Reply

    Colum and Viggo are actually my favorite of your characters and stories. Hooray!

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