About to experiment with Kindle Unlimited…

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!  Jeff Borgzos will assimilate you!

But honestly, my novels aren’t selling anywhere but on Amazon, anyway.  So, I’m going to run an experiment by putting “Given the Circumstances,” “Apollo’s Curse,” “The Worst Best Luck,” and “A Little Too Broken” onto Amazon exclusively for the minimum 90 day Select period.  The reasoning is simple – with the Kindle Unlimited and KOLL plans, folks I know are making about $1.50 per borrow right now, and if I can get in on that, I’d be a damn fool not to.

Sam and Derek and Colum and Viggo and Luke and Slader will continue to be available everywhere, because they’re making as much bank (if not more!) on other sites than they are on the ‘zon.  But people just don’t buy my novels at Google Play, or ARE, or B&N, or Smashwords.  And nobody buys any of what little I have that isn’t banned for dirtiness on Apple LOL.

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