So It Has Been Written! So Let It Be Done! My Novels are in Kindle Select (for now)

Yeah, I had to do it.  Funny, while Amazon can take 12-36 hours to process other equally crucial updates to my books, the change to Select took less than an hour for all of them… Guess that action puts them in the top of the queue, eh?


This is my sales chart for the last month…yeah.  My best day in the last month was 30 sales.  (Red line = sales, green line = free, which is Colum #1, and blue line = borrows.)  And I’ve had 10 borrows already today, and it’s only 8 am Pacific.  So if last month’s #s hold up, in which people got about $1.50 a borrow, and I’d otherwise get $2.80 or thereabouts per sale, well, I need to have 2x the borrows than my average sales, to break even.  Cross your fingers for me!  Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!  And pants.  And a shirt.  And winter tires.  And a 90,000 mile service on the car.  And so on.

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