KU is working so far so good…and OMG A NEW PERFECT ROCKY PIC!

Male Model outdoorsOF COURSE it’s F. Cura!  I don’t know how I missed this the first go-round.  The dude’s still an active photographer, but he hasn’t posted pix of himself since 2012…some day I’m gonna run out of “fresh to me” Francesco pics, and then what will I do?  His other models are hot, but never as HAWT as F himself.

This one is just perfect, of course, given Rocky’s religious background.  I’m thinking, since I wrote the scene with the John Hiatt song, that the working title of this book might be “A Little Faith.”  It sounds good to me.

So the KU/KOLL borrow scheme is working out for me, so far.  I’m getting more reviews, and a good # of borrows.  As you can see, it hasn’t dented my sales, so far, but then they are obviously so low that statistically, what’s the diff 🙂  It’s a little odd not knowing how much you’ll make per borrow till 15 days or so after the month is over, but I’m told the brief history so far has been $1.80 – $1.50 per borrow.  The royalty you see is the $$$ for sales, so maybe about $400 for the month.  But the total borrows so far is 245, so even at $1.50 that = $360 or thereabouts, for just 12 days…

Yeah, I know, some day Lord Bezos will Rule the Galaxy, all other ebook sites will be out of business, and the Amazon payments will drop to like maybe a nickel a book.  But not yet 🙂


4 Comments on KU is working so far so good…and OMG A NEW PERFECT ROCKY PIC!

  1. OMG and he sings opera!

    • No way! I swear, if I wrote his real story into a romance character, nobody would believe it. That’s why I had to make him a GOD in “Apollo’s Curse”!

  2. I love Francis, too! Any new book with his pic on it?

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