(Probably) $200 raised for charity on “A Little Too Broken” in October!

ALTBStickerHard to say yet.  That’s based on my for sure cash royalties, plus a guesstimate that the KU/KOLL borrow payout will be $1.50 per borrow.  That’s the lowest number folks have seen this year, but we really have NO IDEA until about the 15th of next month what it’ll be… Bezos the Barbarian has yet to crush all his enemies, see them driven before him, and hear the lamentation of their women, so I’m assuming he’s still interested in motivating authors to abandon all other platforms for the ‘zon.  It’s been as high as $1.80, so it could in the end be more than $200.

At any rate, my ARE quarterly payout will come in around then, at which time I’ll push the donations out 🙂  Not doing it right this minute because I need the cash in hand because…I’M ON VACATION WHOO NEW YORK CITY!!!  No posts till Tuesday, sorry I know I left you all cliffhanging with Dex 🙂  But as always I guarantee you won’t be disappointed when our story continues…

In the meantime, here’s one more Francesco-as-Rocky pic I picked up at Depositphotos…

Male Model

4 Comments on (Probably) $200 raised for charity on “A Little Too Broken” in October!

  1. Loved this book! This is the 1st book that I bought and introduced me to your books! Then I read Apollo and your Muse! I googled and learned Francis’ name from one of interviews! Thanks for that, also!

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