I’m back from vacation! With a slow restart, of course!

Because travel is exhausting, y’know?  I can’t wait till I’m rich and I can get NetJets and just not DEAL with having to go through security twice in the same airport (Reagan) or a TSA agent I have to be nice to even though she doesn’t know the difference on a boarding pass between BOARDING and DEPARTURE times, or regional jets where the A/C is broken, or a hotel in cold, rainy, New York that won’t turn the heat on until the temp goes “below 40,” or, or… ah fuck it’s good to be back home.

A little restart on Dex this a.m.  I think I need to retool the existing bits – I’m not sure that there WERE any shelters in Biloxi that Dex’s family could have gone to.  I think maybe everyone was just told to GTFO and that was it.  FSM knows there was nowhere for them to go after the hurricane, and I can’t find any references to shelters in the aftermath stories.  Yeah.  That was some fucked up shit.

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