BREAK TIME! And the return of COLUM and VIGGO!

Colum IV JPGYeah, I’m worn out by the angstin’ of Rocky and Dex.  40k into the novel and it’s looking like 90k at least.  So for three reasons, I need a break.  One, I realized I stumbled when I put Dex and Alex together – but, that’s one of the hazards of the high wire act called “pubbing your first drafts live” 🙂  So now’s a good time to stop and let the wheels turn in my head, let things settle and re-sort.

Two, my sales (and even my borrows) are next to zero, so I NEED a new title out NOW.  And at this rate, I can’t be sure I’ll finish R&D before the end of the year.  Plunging headlong to the end without doing it right is a short term solution, but I do feel like this could be my best book yet, if I do it right.

Three, Colum and Viggo just feels right, right now.  Just did a good outline on that and I’m READY to get back to SMUT for a few weeks 🙂  The goal is to finish and publish by Thanksgiving weekend.  Then it’s back to R&D, so bear with me please!

(And I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of F. Cura as a “Viking” pix – I know, Vikings don’t have horns!  But there are very few hot barbarian pix out there and, besides, they’re not Francesco!)

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