The Emperor of Bookbubistan! “Apollo’s Curse” SELECTED for 11/29!

ApolloCoverThis will be my third BookBub book, which is no mean feat, y’know.  You can’t just buy your way into a BB – your book has to pass editorial screening for quality 🙂  I’d submitted “Apollo” 2x previously to no avail, but it worked this time!

This will be my first freebie, which I’m wary of running since duh I won’t recoup my costs never mind make a profit, but I can only cross my fingers and hope that the increased rank will hold up after the freebie is over and give me some sales.

It’s worth it to me to take the loss because, really, this is the very best book I’ve ever written under any name.  And I want, need, to get the word out on it.  I know that the BBs for Given the Circumstances and A Little Too Broken definitely raised their profile.  And I know that whereas I sold about 1000 of each title during the BB, the downloads will be much higher on the freebie – though I always wonder how many people actually read freebies, you know?  It’s easier to just throw a book out unread if you didn’t pay for it.  But I guess we’ll find out :0

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