Good news: $200 this a.m. to Charity! Bad news – KU/KOLL payment = sucks!

ALTBStickerSo I got my AllRomanceEbooks quarterly yesterday, and was able to send $100 each to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars from “A Little Too Broken” October royalties.  This was the final number as of yesterday, when the ‘zon released royalty reports including the “per borrow” reimbursement for books in Kindle Unlimited.  It’s been $1.50, $1.80 previously, but for October it was only $1.33.  I know a lot of authors who put it all on black so to speak by withdrawing titles everywhere else and committing to 90 day exclusives with Amazon.

Dear Lord Bezos, Our Master and Commander:  It’s like this.  I can live with some risk.  I could make $2.80 per sale on a book on multiple platforms, or I could make $1.50 or 1.80 on a borrow just on the ‘zon.  So if I think I’m going to get enough borrows to make up the difference, whoo hoo.

But.  While I know that your goal is to establish an ebook monopoly, you’re making a mistake if you think the best and brightest will keep working for progressively less and less $$$.  If you keep lowering your payments, you WILL get a serious competitor who will pay authors what they’re worth.  Someone will be a Google to your Microsoft, an Android to your Apple, a Rebel Alliance to your Death Star.  That’s just how it works.  So PAY UP next time, buddy 🙂

1 Comment on Good news: $200 this a.m. to Charity! Bad news – KU/KOLL payment = sucks!

  1. Lucie Le Blanc // November 15, 2014 at 2:29 pm // Reply

    Ha. I’ve been screaming myself raw for years against the zon and its practices. I’ve been on my knees begging authors not to put all their eggs in the same rotten basket. KU is doing a great in making a point for me…

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