Colum marches on! And a random hottie for ya :)

ComeHitherI’ve seen this guy’s pic on Facebook a few times now, and it takes my breath away every time.  It’s that face, you know?  The look on that face, the look in the eyes, the raised eyebrows…you ever look at someone and just know, that’s good sex right there?  That guy knows what he’s doing?  Yeah.  Uh huh.

Speaking of sexin’.  Colum’s at 3200 words and counting!  Definitely going to make my Thanksgiving release date!  “That’ll stuff your turkey!”

Research is fun.  There’s got to be a PhD thesis in how writers make “command decisions” when the sources are vague or contradictory.  Was a certain King killed by his nephew, or his son?  It’s really up to me to choose whichever one drives my plot.  Which is fun, of course – you don’t want to go all Ridley Scott and make up a bunch of fake history, but it’s cool to be able to “alter the timeline” to fit your own agenda.  Because, you know, you could be right!


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