HOLY CRAP! I gotta finish Rocky and Dex soon – Country stars coming out of the closet all over the place!

Billy-Gillman-x400dMan, this keeps happening to me!  I publish “Given the Circumstances,” in which Roger the QB has to quit football to be with his gay lover…and three months later, Michael Sam comes out and it’s no big deal.  Now I’m writing a novel with a country western singer who’s deeply closeted and…this happens!  (And how cute is Billy Gilman, seen here, eh?)



Don’t get me wrong.  All of these events are GREAT.  But it all reminds me of what Tom Wolfe said about satire (quoting “Muggeridge’s Law”) – that there’s no longer anything so crazy you can make up that doesn’t come true before you can publish it, basically.

I’m going to have to just stop writing closeted characters soon, because soon NOBODY will be closeted!

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