The Evidence is In! All Reasonable People Concur!

The evidence is in! All reasonable people concur! “Flogged into Soggy Mansex by the Flying Spaghetti Monster” is AWESOME!

“This is a quick (and dirrrrty!) tale of the Great Miracle wrought by His Noodleness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster: to bring science and rational thought back to the dark hinterlands of Texas. To do so, He recruits the seemingly lone sane man at Jumbo Mart; him being gay and from New York makes him that much more fabulous! And His Noodleness will thank this Pastafarian in the most intimate, and satisfying, way… Get this quick; this is in limited release for the holidays, and you don’t want this to pass you by!”

“This is the bestest atheist holiday story ever, crafted by my favorite writer. If you don’t rate this story 5 stars, it’s obvious you work for The Opposition. I will pray (snort) that Saint Stephen and Saint Christopher help you mend your ways…. Incidentally, I’ll never look at the pasta aisle in the grocery store the same. THANKS BRAD.”

“Behold! Another prophet of the one true Lord has made himself known! Pastafarians rejoice and do yourselves a favour, read all the reasonable conjecture based on overwhelming sexiness in this book!”

“This was absolutely brilliant. I shall cherish it and read it every Christmas holiday. Grandma is my personal fave, still laughing my arse off. Thank you!!”

“There are no words…I have been touched by His noodly appendage.”

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