December 2014

$250 to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars this a.m.! **$2,500 donated so far!**

December 31, 2014 // 2 Comments

That’s 50% of December profits on “A Little Too Broken,” based on a guesstimate of what Lord Bezos will provide as a Kindle Unlimited borrow rate for December – I’m working from the lowest # so far, $1.33, and I have no expectation that it’ll go higher than that (see below).  I went ahead and shipped the money out today because, well, TAXES.  I need every deduction I can get for 2014.  I’ve got no kids.  No mortgage.  They raised the percentage of your total income you have to expend on health care (from 7% to 10%) before you can deduct any of it.  I can deduct tuition, but not insanely expensive textbooks, because I’m not a full time student. So yeah.  I see red when I see those “GET YOUR BIGGEST REFUND YET” ads, because I’m the sorry motherfucker who’s paying for all these other people to get their big-ass refunds. Anyway!  John Scalzi pointed out something about what I’m thinking of now as [MORE]

100 word spurt! A taste of summer in the dark of winter…

December 29, 2014 // 1 Comment

“Huh?  Sorry.  He’s mowing again.  Yeah.  He knows I watch.  Sometimes I take a walk when he’s out there and nod.  But he’s on to me.  Last time his girlfriend gave him a big kiss.  He looked at me, saying, see, I’m straight.  Like I care.  I think about him going inside, getting a beer, sitting on the couch with his crotch all sweaty.  Knowing he could just look at me one second longer, and I’d be right behind him.  Right between his legs, licking the sweat off his balls while he drinks his beer and doesn’t say a [MORE]

YOU DIRTY BIRDS! Here’s another 100 word spurt for ya :)

December 27, 2014 // 5 Comments

Man.  I tell you.  I craft long exquisite passages of romantic angst and other than my loyal readers XOXO 🙂 my traffic is pretty low.  I post a hot pic and 100 words of PURE FILTH and my stats go through the roof.  Well, who am I to deny the public what it wants?  HERE YOU GO AGAIN 🙂 “HEY!  I told you, not interested.  Just here with a buddy, man.  Modeling undies for charity.  Not gay, okay?  Now you’re followin’ me into the bathroom?  That’s…fucked up, dude.  You…you’re kiddin’.  You’re gonna get on your knees?  You want it that bad?  I shoulda tucked, huh.  Kept y’all from seein’ what I got.  Yeah, bitch, get a good look at it.  No, don’t move.  Don’t touch me.  You want what’s in this?  Stay there.  You sick fuck.  You’re burning for it.  Makin’ me hard…  I bet I could shoot a load from here, right into your mouth.  Yeah.  Let’s [MORE]

Today’s 100 Word Spurt – Two straight dudes play a game of “Gay Chicken”!

December 23, 2014 // 4 Comments

Yeah, believe it or not, this is a real game I heard about from a woman whose boyfriend and his buddies play it.  I don’t know how far they go, but…well, I had to write a quickie on that!  These things are a challenging challenge – I had 248 words when I was done, and HAD to knock it down to the 100 you see here.  In this case, I had to find a pic to go with the story, instead of vice versa, but, you know, sometimes you gotta go with the flow…   Trey flopped on the couch.  “So what’s the game tonight?” “Gay chicken.  I do something gay.  You do something gayer.  Till one of us chickens out.  Loser buys beer.” “That’s sick.” Stu patted the couch.  “Closer, I dare you.” “Fine.”  He leaned into Stu’s chest.  Stu pulled him closer.  Trey’s hand dropped to Stu’s thigh, landing on his throbbing… “What the fuck!” “You got me hard, bro.  See, I’m winning.  [MORE]

A New Feature: 100 Word Spurt :)

December 22, 2014 // 0 Comments

So to keep you all entertained while Adam is working on “Scarcity,” I thought I’d knock out an exactly one hundred word DIRTY story here and there to accompany some of my favorite webpix.  Not sure if this pic is just over the invisible line of what’s acceptable around here, but we’ll find out!   “Fuck you lookin’ at, huh?  What are you doin’ out here, anyway?  This is private property.  Oh, lost, huh?  Heh.  Shit.  Right.  So you figured standin’ there watching me take a piss would help you find your way?  Oh.  Yeah, you startled me and I forgot to finish buttonin’ up.  That what you lookin’ at?  Yeah it is.  I see where your eyes are.  Go on, then.  Yeah, get down on your knees.  That’s it.  You want this?  No, no hands.  Fuckin’ open those buttons with your teeth.  That’s it.  Watch it.  Don’t bite my cock or you’ll be [MORE]

Please welcome Adam Vance to the Vance family!

December 20, 2014 // 0 Comments

Be gentle with the little dude!  He just wrote his first blog post 🙂 Yeah, this story is rollin’.  It’s just what I need as a winter break from Rocky and Dex.  Something that’s all cerebral with no heavy feelings! The great thing is, when I come back to R&D, it’s back to Dex’s backstory.  And finding those other “Dex Pix” the other day has inspired me.  These visual prompts help make him more “3D” in my mind, more than just the cowboy on the hay bale.  The model’s Francesco-esque ability to “act,” the screen presence he has, yeah.  It makes Dex feel more real to me, just when I need [MORE]

An Adam Vance stock photo search resulted in a “Dex Discovery”!

December 18, 2014 // 4 Comments

Yeah, so you guys have seen “my Dex” here in three different poses, more than once 🙂  Well, I hadn’t seen him in any other photos, until yesterday, when I went cruising for a manly man to serve as the model for the Special Forces Captain in Adam Vance’s book-in-progress.           And you know, I gotta say, well…nobody will ever take the crown from Francesco Cura, but, this guy is working on a firm second place.  He’s got that screen presence, you know?  Look at this shot of him bein’ all RRAWRR in a military pose…  And let me tell you, after looking at almost a thousand pics yesterday of models in military guise, it’s harder than it looks to carry it off.  So many of them are either, a, too pretty and soft to be remotely believable, or b, clearly stiff, awkward and uncomfortable in the role, or c, treat it like a joke.  Now, “Dex” here, he’s comfortable in it, isn’t [MORE]

THUS SPAKE BEZOSUTHSRA! $170 it is to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars!

December 16, 2014 // 0 Comments

And…sent 🙂  Amazon’s November borrow rate was Revealed Unto Us yesterday – $1.39 per book, a slight bounce up from the $1.33 for October.  December is looking better as well – I’m already up to $280 in earnings on ALTB, which means I’m already at $140 for charity!  Go Forth, and Buy Buy Buy in a Christmas Frenzy! IAVA needs your help more than ever.  The bill they were trying to get through Congress, the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act, was singlehandedly defeated by Senator Tom Coburn, whose rationale was…oh fuck it, let’s just look at the output from the Bullshit-To-English translator: This bill failed to meet the standards of the United States Congress, in that it did not put another nickel into the pocket of my billionaire masters. Coburn, BTW, is a member of The Family, the anti-gay, anti-women, anti-science, anti-environment “Republican Opus Dei.”  And the greatest irony of all? [MORE]

The last of Rocky’s Backstory…and an intermission

December 15, 2014 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I have to take one.  A, because I need a “reset” before switching heads back to Dex and his arrival in Nashville.  But B, I need to be Adam Vance for a few weeks and get something rolling that could bring in some serious bank.  I am having a pretty damn good month, financially, thanks to my borrow rate, I have to admit.  Even if Lord Bezos keeps us at $1.33 a borrow, which is the most I dare to hope for.  (I think Amazon will just keep lowering the rate until it finds the basement level at which writers will finally rebel and quit the program.)  But since I’m facing a big punch in the finances on 1/1 in the health care department, I need to experiment with something that could cover that the way that gayrom can’t. And C, I need a change of mental scenery.  I think I’ll come back to Rocky and Dex tanned, rested and ready for some more intense feels, after a nice, purely cerebral project. I’ll still be posting 🙂  My traffic has [MORE]