$170 (maybe) in November to charity from “A Little Too Broken”

ALTBStickerYeah.  No exclamation points with this level of uncertainty.  It all depends on the random $$$ that Lord Bezos decides to pay us for our KU borrows in November.

See, the real problem is, not just that I made $1.33 per title borrow for October, when I’d have made $2.80 in royalties per title for a sale.  Or that borrow compensation has fallen from $1.80 to $1.50 to $1.33, leaving us all wondering nervously what it’ll be this time.

And I wouldn’t really have made $2.80, because KU has already undermined everyone’s sales dramatically, at least in erotica and romance.  Thus we are forced into Lord Bezos’s Dark Satanic Mills.  (Yeah, okay, overly dramatic and inappropriate, but the overall economic analogy holds – little weavers forced out of business, with no choice but to take jobs in the industrial combines that destroyed their jobs in the first place.)

No, the worst part is the UNCERTAINTY.  With the gargantuan megaprocessing server farm power of Amazon, there is no technical reason to make us wait two more weeks to learn just how much we REALLY made in the previous month.  It’s not like the ‘zon has a guy in a green eyeshade in the back room who has to ring it all up by hand.  No, the decision on how much each borrow is worth should be based in well thought out policy, written in computer code, and any additional human decisions to tinker with that should be made MONDAY, DECEMBER FIRST and issued TUESDAY, DECEMBER SECOND.

I mean, imagine a job where your boss didn’t tell you how much money you were making each month until the 15th of the next month.  Surprise!  We cut your pay!  But Mr. Scrooge, it’s Christmas!  Bah.  Humbug.

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