Problems in the Novel, or, Winter Sucks!

Sexy manSo I went on holiday from Rocky and Dex for a while.  Yeah, angsty novels are hard.  Fucking feelings!  Who needs ’em!  And, there’s nothing so harsh on the brain as the Iron Curtain of Daylight Savings Time coming down on your head, bringing Dark O’Clock a hour earlier Just…Like…THAT.  Yeah, seasonal affective disorder’s a bitch, but your brain can compensate to a slowly changing environment…unless some artificial construct suddenly makes it that much worse, that much faster.  DST is the stupidest thing in the world, but they’ll never get rid of it, because Congress can’t tie its shoelaces never mind undo the world’s dumbest law.

I didn’t want to rush this book, just…make words in order to put out a novel.  I know I rushed “The Worst Best Luck” last year.  It wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t a great book either.  I know my brain in winter – it’s not up for a lot of sorrow and tragedy and fucking feelings, which of course are the bones of a good novel.

Country Music ManThe damn thing is, I planned to NOT write a novel this winter.  I planned on staying with Viking sexin’ and Rob the Daemon and stuff like that.  I planned on making some $$$ knocking out a series of “rockstarotica” stories where Rocky and Dex would be fucking like bunnies about 10k words into the story.  Then I started writing the two of them, and suddenly, damn ’em all to hell, they developed backstories.  Personalities.  Which means a novel.  Fuck!

So at the start of November, I took a break, did some Viking sexin’ and some Flying Spaghetti Monster sexin’ too.  It felt good to step back from the…emotional intensity of a novel about two Southern boys and the deck stacked against them.

And I spent time loggin’ the floggin’, trying to boost some sales.  And gave away a shitload of copies of “Apollo’s Curse” during last weekend’s BookBub.  Which I was nervous about.  But it’s paying off, at least in the currency I really, really need most this time of year – rave reviews and boosts to my ego and my creative self-esteem.  Check the most recent ones out for yourself 🙂.

Male Model outdoorsWith my BookBub over, Colum IV in the can, and lots of research yet to do before Rob III, I didn’t know what to do next.  So this morning, I started rereading Rocky and Dex (still untitled, though I’m thinking some version of “Have a Little Faith in Me”), with no intention of doing anything with it other than truing up Dex’s sexual conflict early on with his almost-romance with Alex during backstory.  But then I started rereading it, the whole 30k so far.

And it WAS good to take a break.  To get some perspective.  Because the writer’s happiest moment is when you put something aside, exhausted and dispirited, then come back to it and say, FUCK, THAT’S GOOD!  And, yeah, this is goooooood.  So good.  So real.  And it renewed my confidence in it, and my desire to reinvolve myself with these guys and push their stories forward.

Smiling CowboySo yeah.  I’m not rushing it.  This book may come out in January.  Or February.  Certainly not December.  And I’ll keep taking breaks for other things like Rob III, that are light and silly and crazy and funny and sexy, to help get me through the winter.  Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

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