Come on, Wheel! No Whammies! “Apollo’s Curse” is pickin’ up steam!

ApolloCoverI’m getting more credit now for borrows, presumably downloaded during the freebie.  And the reviews are starting to come in, as well – eight more customer reviews since the freebie ended Sunday.  So I’ve got 27 thoughtful, well-written reviews (from people who actually read the book, no Fiverr spam here!), all of which are 4 or 5 stars.

The consistent theme in the reviews is basically, “not what I was expecting,” in a good way.  Which is exactly what a book SHOULD be – the problem I have with most TV series is that you can’t really feel the peril a character gets into, because you know they’ll be back next week, so nothing really bad will happen to them.  “Game of Thrones” is so exciting to those who haven’t read the books because you *don’t* know who’ll die when.  Could be anyone, anytime.  And I know I messed with expectations several times in “Apollo.”  Which is the fun part, right?  NOT knowing what comes next.

Some people were bored by the first part, where we get Dane’s career up to speed; I get that – not everyone’s as fascinated as I am by how the sausage is made in the world of pubbing and self-pubbing.  But once the “magic” happens, everyone’s on board for the ride.

I’m working very hard to “manage expectations.” What I want, what *ought to happen*, is that everyone everywhere realizes this is the bestest book ever and they make me rich and famous now now now.  But I know that even in my wildest fantasies, nothing like that could happen overnight.  Still.  Like Dane, I’m waiting for the Miracle Day.

2 Comments on Come on, Wheel! No Whammies! “Apollo’s Curse” is pickin’ up steam!

  1. Speaking of games. Last evening I saw His Noodliness in a game called Batman 3. It was a commercial. He often shows Himself around the hoildays.

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