Working on deeper outline for Rocky and Dex

Guitar and manRocky’s about to go to art school in Athens, GA and have his first sexual experience, with one of those damn straight boys he just seems to gravitate towards.  Sort of a “Johnny Football” type, you know – cocky and rude and gets away with it because he’s insanely talented (and so dirty sexy!).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, “Apollo’s Curse” wiggled its way up the rankings yesterday to about 4500.  Like any neurotic author, I’m refreshing the page every hour (because that’s the fastest they update rankings anyway), waiting for the gigantic sales boost that will come when Ellen DeGeneres reads it and loves it and asks me on her show, or when Anne Rice tells her million Facebook fans how great I am, or when the New York Times breaks its moratorium on reviewing self-published books so it can give “Apollo” a rave review on the front page of the Sunday Book Review.  You know, the ordinary daily garden variety crazy author shit.

While I was gently nursing all these delusions of grandeur, I decided to cast the movie version of “Apollo” as a favor to Hollywood, to save them a little time.  I’m seeing Neil Patrick Harris as Dane, Ian Somerhalder as Jackson, and of course Francis J. Cura himself in a very special cameo as Paul.  So, that should make production move a little faster, right?  C’mon, what’s the holdup?

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