The Good News is…MAJOR PROGRESS on Rocky and Dex

SmartANDHawtOK so CHECK OUT THIS GUY.  Are you not in LURV just looking at him?  I know I am.  And the thing is, he’s a writer!  Now I’m in doublurv.   Isaac Hooke, is that not an awesome name?  He had a BookBub yesterday for a bundle of his science fiction shorts.  I picked it up, because I liked the excerpt and that’s enough to make me say, “.99 why not.”

But, well, this quote on the book’s page is what really made me drool:

The book originally started life as a 24,000-word novella. In the first two weeks of its release, that novella sold 1,000 copies without any promotion whatsoever.

OMIGOD that’s my cream dream come true!  Just…write something good and watch it sell!  That’s why I went into erotica two plus years ago now and counting – because I wanted to be a writer, not a salesman, and at that time, erotica “sold itself.”

I’ve become better at selling, in my own fashion.  I still made the choice to “be myself completely” on Facebook, instead of sounding like a brochure spitting out marketing blah blah, and I’ve never cheerled/logrolled other authors whose work I don’t actually like.  And being yourself sometimes backfires financially, if for instance you publish a Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday story that some people find offensive :).  So it goes!

Anyway.  It occurred to me that I COULD DO THIS.  I’ve read SF all my life.  I’ve learned to write action scenes via the Sam and Colum stories.  And I’ve got a pretty novel idea for a story/series…not too novel, God forbid!  I want to make some money!  And if there’s a market that’s so ravenous for content that something good will sell itself…o shit I gotta try that.

So that sounds like bad news for fans of my romances…but it’s not.  It’s lit a fire under my ass to work hard on Rocky and Dex, so that by Christmas week, when I’m off from my day job all week, I can take a break from their story and DO THIS.  Give it a shot.  I have to try.

No, I am not going to “rush” to finish R&D just so I can chase a phantom dollar – a dollar that may be out of my grasp anyway.  Angelina was a good effort at breaking into heteromance, and it didn’t work.  Lick your wounds, fail better, etc., right?  And as always, I can’t just knock out a new paper doll for the same old dollies, follow the genre tropes to the letter.  I have some ideas from my recent history reading on the British Empire, the war in Iraq, the Special Forces research I did for the Sam stories… Yeah.  Something different for sure 🙂  And “different” in these markets is often the kiss of death.  But I gotta be me, you know?  I gotta try it and see what happens.

But the “shock of the new,” the idea of something different, has inspired my creativity in general.  So I wrote 3100 words of Rocky and Dex this morning!  I’ll edit and publish it tomorrow, and you can tell me if I’m rushing it or not – I think not :).  Yes, I’m back baby, full steam ahead!

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