THUS SPAKE BEZOSUTHSRA! $170 it is to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars!

ALTBStickerAnd…sent 🙂  Amazon’s November borrow rate was Revealed Unto Us yesterday – $1.39 per book, a slight bounce up from the $1.33 for October.  December is looking better as well – I’m already up to $280 in earnings on ALTB, which means I’m already at $140 for charity!  Go Forth, and Buy Buy Buy in a Christmas Frenzy!

IAVA needs your help more than ever.  The bill they were trying to get through Congress, the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act, was singlehandedly defeated by Senator Tom Coburn, whose rationale was…oh fuck it, let’s just look at the output from the Bullshit-To-English translator:

This bill failed to meet the standards of the United States Congress, in that it did not put another nickel into the pocket of my billionaire masters.

Coburn, BTW, is a member of The Family, the anti-gay, anti-women, anti-science, anti-environment “Republican Opus Dei.”  And the greatest irony of all?  This man, who opposed additional funds for veterans’ mental health care…is a medical doctor.

SIGH.  Okay, so the logic flows like this.  Congress is now in the hands of billionaires’ handmaidens and will do nothing for us that will cost their masters a single nickel.  You and I are powerless against this tide, because of the mind-bendingly stupid people whose vote is determined by the TV commercials they see, or on their willingness to sacrifice their own self-interest in exchange for protection from the Horror Of The Gays.  Therefore, we need to BYPASS this obstacle by donating directly to agencies such as IAVA.  Got it?

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