An Adam Vance stock photo search resulted in a “Dex Discovery”!

Smiling CowboyYeah, so you guys have seen “my Dex” here in three different poses, more than once 🙂  Well, I hadn’t seen him in any other photos, until yesterday, when I went cruising for a manly man to serve as the model for the Special Forces Captain in Adam Vance’s book-in-progress.






Army ManAnd you know, I gotta say, well…nobody will ever take the crown from Francesco Cura, but, this guy is working on a firm second place.  He’s got that screen presence, you know?  Look at this shot of him bein’ all RRAWRR in a military pose…  And let me tell you, after looking at almost a thousand pics yesterday of models in military guise, it’s harder than it looks to carry it off.  So many of them are either, a, too pretty and soft to be remotely believable, or b, clearly stiff, awkward and uncomfortable in the role, or c, treat it like a joke.  Now, “Dex” here, he’s comfortable in it, isn’t he?  He looks like a fucking badass….




Man Singing KaraokeOh, and who’s to say Dex can’t rock out just as hard as he can swing a country tune?  Look at him here, working that microphone!   Yeah, I’m in lurv again 🙂

And no, I don’t want to know more about him, who he “really” is, any more than I wanted to know about Francesco until after I was done with “Apollo’s Curse.”  Right now, I just wanna project my fantasies on him.

And yeah – I’m almost tempted to write another Sam and Derek story for that shirtless grunt pic.  Maybe a spinoff featuring an old buddy of Sam?  Say, Evan from Sam III – a dog handler in the Army who now trained them for search and rescue ops?  Could be 🙂 I’ll stick that picture in my “subconscious queue” and put the depths of my primitive lizard brain to work on it…

4 Comments on An Adam Vance stock photo search resulted in a “Dex Discovery”!

  1. Okay. Yeah, he’s hot!

  2. Jennifer Vranek // December 19, 2014 at 9:21 am // Reply

    Yes please to another Sam and Derek story!!

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