A New Feature: 100 Word Spurt :)

FuckYouLookinAtSo to keep you all entertained while Adam is working on “Scarcity,” I thought I’d knock out an exactly one hundred word DIRTY story here and there to accompany some of my favorite webpix.  Not sure if this pic is just over the invisible line of what’s acceptable around here, but we’ll find out!


“Fuck you lookin’ at, huh?  What are you doin’ out here, anyway?  This is private property.  Oh, lost, huh?  Heh.  Shit.  Right.  So you figured standin’ there watching me take a piss would help you find your way?  Oh.  Yeah, you startled me and I forgot to finish buttonin’ up.  That what you lookin’ at?  Yeah it is.  I see where your eyes are.  Go on, then.  Yeah, get down on your knees.  That’s it.  You want this?  No, no hands.  Fuckin’ open those buttons with your teeth.  That’s it.  Watch it.  Don’t bite my cock or you’ll be sorry…”

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