Today’s 100 Word Spurt – Two straight dudes play a game of “Gay Chicken”!

GayChickenYeah, believe it or not, this is a real game I heard about from a woman whose boyfriend and his buddies play it.  I don’t know how far they go, but…well, I had to write a quickie on that!  These things are a challenging challenge – I had 248 words when I was done, and HAD to knock it down to the 100 you see here.  In this case, I had to find a pic to go with the story, instead of vice versa, but, you know, sometimes you gotta go with the flow…


Trey flopped on the couch.  “So what’s the game tonight?”

“Gay chicken.  I do something gay.  You do something gayer.  Till one of us chickens out.  Loser buys beer.”

“That’s sick.”

Stu patted the couch.  “Closer, I dare you.”

“Fine.”  He leaned into Stu’s chest.  Stu pulled him closer.  Trey’s hand dropped to Stu’s thigh, landing on his throbbing…

“What the fuck!”

“You got me hard, bro.  See, I’m winning.  I’m gayer than you.”

“So I gotta get a bigger hardon?  And,” he swallowed.  “You gotta touch it to be sure?”

Stu’s heartbeat raced, pulsing against Trey’s back.  “Yeah…that’s right.”

4 Comments on Today’s 100 Word Spurt – Two straight dudes play a game of “Gay Chicken”!

  1. roland garza // December 23, 2014 at 9:40 am // Reply

    Didn’t think it could happen but i got hard in 100 words!

  2. Totally need to write that in a book! 😉 Great info. (And I’d love to see the sequel on 100 word spurt – we need the fall out scene).

    • Hmmm…good idea! I’d have to find a good pic for “after,” though. But the first one is from a movie so… 🙂

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