YOU DIRTY BIRDS! Here’s another 100 word spurt for ya :)

OneSecMan.  I tell you.  I craft long exquisite passages of romantic angst and other than my loyal readers XOXO 🙂 my traffic is pretty low.  I post a hot pic and 100 words of PURE FILTH and my stats go through the roof.  Well, who am I to deny the public what it wants?  HERE YOU GO AGAIN 🙂

“HEY!  I told you, not interested.  Just here with a buddy, man.  Modeling undies for charity.  Not gay, okay?  Now you’re followin’ me into the bathroom?  That’s…fucked up, dude.  You…you’re kiddin’.  You’re gonna get on your knees?  You want it that bad?  I shoulda tucked, huh.  Kept y’all from seein’ what I got.  Yeah, bitch, get a good look at it.  No, don’t move.  Don’t touch me.  You want what’s in this?  Stay there.  You sick fuck.  You’re burning for it.  Makin’ me hard…  I bet I could shoot a load from here, right into your mouth.  Yeah.  Let’s see…”

5 Comments on YOU DIRTY BIRDS! Here’s another 100 word spurt for ya :)

  1. Are his boxer briefs the kind with a pouch?

  2. Bad boy, Brad! Nothing like a bit of filth to brighten up a cold English evening. Tell me, where do you get your images from? Do you just pick them up from t’internet or pay for them via Getty or Shutterstock? (Other image supply companies are available, yada yada…) Anyway, nice work!

    • Thanks! No they’re just copy paste it off of Facebook or Google+. I’m not using them for commercial purposes so I’m not too worried unless somebody complains. And the problem with most of the stock photo models is there is no spark there it’s all pretty cold and remote… Definitely the opposite of what I’m trying to get at my face

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