$250 to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars this a.m.! **$2,500 donated so far!**

ALTBStickerThat’s 50% of December profits on “A Little Too Broken,” based on a guesstimate of what Lord Bezos will provide as a Kindle Unlimited borrow rate for December – I’m working from the lowest # so far, $1.33, and I have no expectation that it’ll go higher than that (see below).  I went ahead and shipped the money out today because, well, TAXES.  I need every deduction I can get for 2014.  I’ve got no kids.  No mortgage.  They raised the percentage of your total income you have to expend on health care (from 7% to 10%) before you can deduct any of it.  I can deduct tuition, but not insanely expensive textbooks, because I’m not a full time student.

So yeah.  I see red when I see those “GET YOUR BIGGEST REFUND YET” ads, because I’m the sorry motherfucker who’s paying for all these other people to get their big-ass refunds.

Anyway!  John Scalzi pointed out something about what I’m thinking of now as the “KUnger Games.”  Since all books borrowed have to struggle for the contents a single cornucopia, KU and

any other plan like it absolutely and unambiguously make writing and publishing a zero-sum game. In traditional publishing, your success as an author does not limit my success — the potential pool of money is so large as to be effectively unlimited…

In the Kindle Unlimited scheme…every time someone with a Kindle Unlimited account reads another author’s work, every other authors’ share of the pot becomes that much smaller. In the traditional publishing model, it’s in my interest to encourage readers to read other authors, because people who read more buy more books — the proverbial tide lifts all boats. In the Kindle Unlimited model, the more authors you and everyone else reads, the less I can potentially earn.

Well, fellow KU writers…all I can say is, MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!


2 Comments on $250 to IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars this a.m.! **$2,500 donated so far!**

  1. I wondered about that Brad.. This week a fellow Goodreads member introduced me to Kindle Limited and I thought, someone has to pay for all this free stuff. I have thirty days to decide but I’ll be cancelling my trial period. Heck, 95% of the books on my “to read” shelf aren’t eligible for the unlimited plan anyway.

    • Yeah Dan, I had to join – like a lot of romance writers, my cash sales were tanking thanks to KU cannibalization. I had my best month ever this month thanks to borrows, but I also know that this is the like the first rock of crack that Jeffie Be-Z is handing out to get us all hooked…then it’s all downhill from there 🙂

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