January 2015

Time to wrap up Nick and Kyle…

January 31, 2015 // 0 Comments

…because Every Single Summer Must End.  But, no fool I, Every Successful Series Must Continue, so the ending will provide closure, BUT hold a door open for something else should the little fuckers keep lining my pockets. Do you like the cover?  Once I found this picture of the same dudes from #s 2 and 3, I just HAD to dream up a scene with a softball game where they’re playing on “different teams” 🙂  There was a lot more white space between them in the original, but I fixed that! Adam’s day in the sun is approaching… I know there has to be a moment at which I just “declare” a work stoppage for Brad and switch.  I need to tie up Nick and Kyle, so to speak 🙂 and I’m getting ready for the promotional work for “Faith.”  So, I’ll get them done, and I think ONE episode of “Would I Lie To You?” and then Brad will return to issuing 100 word spurts for the duration of Adam’s time on [MORE]

THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRADISH EMPIRE! I am Amazon’s #1 Gayrotica Author!

January 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

It’s fluctuating all over the place, from mid 50s to mid 60s…but in the Kindle Erotica authors rankings, I’m the highest ranked Gayrotica author right now!  And look who I’m just two places behind… ZOMG!!!!  These ARE the days!  And “Have a Little Faith in Me” is doing pretty damn amazingly good for a two-day-old release w/no pre-release hoopla – no advance orders, no ad campaign, nothin’.  Just TeamVance, hard at work on Facebook!  XOXO! And, Amazon’s “Look Inside this Book” excerpt is nearly 8,000 words, so I’m totally working that as a promo tool…it’s almost the first five chapters, and if you’re not interested at that point, it ain’t for you, right? I’ve been “idle” for two days now, creatively – just letting the well refill.  This is the first time in my career that there’s been NO post-pubbin’ depression.  But that’s because, [MORE]

“Have a Little Faith in Me” is LIVE on Amazon!

January 29, 2015 // 0 Comments

Damn that was FAST.  Two hours from submission yesterday afternoon to “Live – Updates Publishing.”  And less than four hours before it was fully live, i.e., with buy link and “Look Inside” active.  And, it sold seven copies last night without my even announcing it!  These are the days… I’m happy with it.  It’s a good novel.  I feel good about its prospects.  See for yourself here! I sketched this out as a series of hot erotic shorts last summer.  Damn, I said, people are makin’ some BANK on these rock star stories!  The opening scenes – Rocky and Dex clashing onstage, Dex seeing two guys doin’ gax sexin’ in the woods, and Rocky in the motel fighting his attraction to Dex, was what I had written for the story, after which I was supposed to move them towards the DISH conclusion (that’s “doin’ it so hard”) to the first story. Then two things happened.  One, my furious raging rage at [MORE]

I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille! Spankin’ New Covers for my Novels!

January 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I’ve wanted to do this for a while.  All my novels have random different looks/feels to the covers.  And that’s just not how the Big Boys Play.  When I’m the next EL James, I need all my stuff to be recognizable as mine!  My erotica all has the same black banner/white text BRAD VANCE Seal of Approval, so I wanted my novels to have their own unity, too.  I did deviate a bit with “Apollo” because it’s a different kind of novel, and I just had to keep that “Greek blue” color in the author/title.         I asked Aubrey Watt to create a cover for “Have A Little Faith In Me” that would sync up with the one she did for “A Little Too Broken.”  And once I had those two, I got a wild hair and just had to fix all the others myself.  They’re not live yet – I’ll be doing a repub on all the novels when Rocky and Dex go live, to include the link to that (and an excerpt of [MORE]

“Have A Little Faith In Me” is DONE! And…Kyle and Nick #3 is LIVE!

January 27, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yes, and Yes!  I finished the first draft this a.m.  Did I cry?  Yes, dammit.  So you’d better cry, too!  The ending is appropriately cinematic – so cinematic that a screenwriter wouldn’t have to mess with it, just transplant it.  Now all that remains is for Hollywood to get around to making movies with gay MCs.  So, we can look for the movie version when I’m…eighty? Kyle and Nick #3 is live right here!  It went through review in about 12 hours.  Now that I’ve learned how to grease the wheels (coconut oil!), there should be no problem with pubbing #4 either, in a week or so…yes, that will be the LAST in the series.  Every Summer Must End… Then it’s on to “Would I Lie To You?” and of course Adam Vance’s next offering, “Artifice.”  Make hay, make [MORE]

A Cover Reveal for Rocky and Dex…and one scene to go…

January 26, 2015 // 1 Comment

I LOVE THIS COVER!  I worked with Aubrey Watt on some ideas, and once I was happy with the general direction, I focus-grouped the last three versions on Facebook for suggestions.  I was overwhelmingly outvoted on which font to use for the word “Faith” and, no dummy I, went with The Voice Of The People.  One reader (Hi, Marco!) suggested reversing Dex to face the opposite direction, sort of looking down at Rocky.  I had Aubrey make that change, and the compositional balance suddenly made more sense. Aubrey did my cover for “A Little Too Broken,” and I asked her to make something that felt in line with that, using the same font for my name and the title.  If I’m a gonna be a Big Superstar Novelist (I can dream!), I need to do what Big Superstar Novelists to and “true up” my novel covers so they’re all recognizably “Brad Vance” novels.  I don’t know if I can do that for “Apollo’s Curse” – I love the “Greek” lettering, and, you know, it is very much [MORE]

Slooowing down on Rocky and Dex (on purpose) – cover coming SOON!

January 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I’m in the big climactic romantic scene.  I’m so agitated right now, in a totally good way, what with all the excitement about Kyle and Nick.  But.  That could and might be spilling over into the Race To The Finish for Rocky and Dex. This scene of all scenes needs to be P E R F E C T.  So I’m forcing myself NOT to finish it today.  Forcing myself to take it slow.  After all, poor Dex still has his gayginity to lose!  And Rocky has to learn how to receive affection from a partner and not just a hot fuckin’!  I only have TWO SCENES left to write so, there’s no hurry, right? Especially with Kyle and Nick going BIG TIME in the sales department.  It’s just my nature, to feel under the financial gun with my work, gotta finish gotta finish gotta get it out there every day I wait is another lost $$$… But Kyle and Nick are making bank, and buying time for Rocky and Dex. Really, my two musicians only HAVE to be published before [MORE]

OK PERVS! 100 Word Spurt…just a candid photo session…

January 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

“Like this?  Okay.  No, I’m comfortable.  Or as comfortable as I’m gonna be, getting my picture taken in my underwear.  My what?  Oh.  Heh.  Calves.  Thanks.  Yeah, I do a lot of leg work.  That’s where real muscle growth comes from, you know that?  So, what magazine will these be in?  A website?  Cool, which one?  Oh.  No, it… it doesn’t matter.  Just…thinking about guys jerkin’ off to my picture is kinda weird.  I don’t know.  I don’t think I’m that hot, for starters.  Heh, thanks.  Yeah, it’s…a good size.  Yeah?  Hmm.  Well.  How much more would that [MORE]

7.5k left on Rocky and Dex! And…BookBub GRAND SLAM!

January 23, 2015 // 2 Comments

BookBub accepted “The Worst Best Luck”!  Coming free for two days on February 19!  Yes, that is a GRAND SLAM for me – all four of my novels have now been BookBub offerings.   As for remaining word count?  I know – shrinkage!  But I’ve just written two scenes that I thought would take 5k words that together took 2500.  I could blah blah blah them out, but I think they have the power of economy now.  The big hard feelin’s bits are done!  WHOO!!!!  I SURVIVED!  All that remains now is a LONG HAWT passionate sexin’, and a HEA coda.  EASY PEASY! The cover will be coming soon, and the book is weeks away now…     And…I did it.  Reworked Kyle and Nick #2 and resubmitted to Amazon.  I didn’t take all the advice I was given on that, but I did make the changes I felt comfortable with.  A new cover (the original bed-lovin’ cover MAY have been a trigger), one modified scene (Nick sleeping when Kyle [MORE]

10k words left on Rocky and Dex! And another Kyle and Nick is Finito!

January 22, 2015 // 0 Comments

OMG OMG OMG.  Fingertips are flyin’.  The one thing I dreaded was that I wouldn’t have a realistic and satisfying ending.  Problem solved.  Trust me on this 🙂  Be warned – I’m a gonna sock you POW RIGHT IN THE FEELS! Oh, yeah, and I finished Kyle and Nick #3.  As part of my clinical insanity around all this, I finally did write to the ‘zon and ask for clarity on why #2 was banned… Which was NOT a good idea last week, when #1 was going blazes, because it could have triggered a ban on that one, too.  Now #1’s dropping down the charts.  It’s had its day.  It’s astonishing to me, that I moved 1000 copies of a 4400 word story.  That on borrows alone I’ve made more money on that story than I’ve made on at least one full length novel.  So, if it’s at all possible to duplicate that success with #2, well, shit, I might as well ask now. Yesterday someone posted links on Facebook to some serious-ass twincest [MORE]